ASC M2 Sweeper Keeps Trend Constructions’ Site Cleaner & Dust Free

Updated on Thursday, June 20, 2024


Sydney’s building frenzy continues with award winning builder Trend Constructions Pty Ltd building a state of the art storage and warehouse facility in Sydney’s Northern Beaches area of Cromer.

The Challenge

Trend Construction is 6 months away for completing is massive storage and warehousing complex located at Middleton Rd Cromer (NSW).

While building this project they had identified the need to reduce the amount of airborne concrete dust floating inside their construction complex.

This dust was constantly airborne due to the high volume of moving mobile equipment.

The problems was also exacerbated due to the natural hazards of swirling wind.

With a large labour force on site, the company ,mandated by its own OH&S policies, decided to seek a solution to this dust problem and called on ASC to come forward with a solution.

The Solution

ASC was asked to survey the facility and bring to site a sweeper that would eliminate their environmental problem.

The ASC M2 was demonstrated to asses the merits of the machine.

After a 25 minute demo Trend Constructions were so impressed by the ASC M2’s dust control and flawless sweeping performance that they invested in one.

By investing in the new ASC M2 they site is now cleaner and dust free and has saved the company tens of thousands of dollars in man hours cleaning.


ASC Eureka M2 Sweeper 1

ASC Eureka M2 Sweeper 2

ASC Eureka M2 Sweeper 3