Tridon Australia ASC M1 Sweeper Investment

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Warehouses & Distribution

The Client

Tridon Australia specialise in the distribution of products to the industrial and automotive markets. It is a 100% Australian owned and managed company. They are based in Silverwater, Sydney.

The Challenge

Tridon were looking to purchase a new sweeper, as their existing 4-year-old sweeper that they purchased from another company, was at the end of its life.

The task was quite simple. The new sweeper had to pick up dust without spreading it and making a mess.

Having already purchased a sweeper previously, the company was looking for a quality brand. One that would this time around, last 20 + years, designed and proven to work in a dust free, warehouse environment.

After careful consideration and demonstrating many machines from many different suppliers, the choice was made to invest in an ASC heavy duty M1 sweeper.

The ASC M1 is a proven sweeper, that has operated in the Australian warehouse market, for the past 26 years relatively unchanged.

The ASC M1 offers the best dust control system available on the world market, ensuring great long term dust control and clean, dust free sweeping.

The chassis is built from steel, (not plastic) ensuring the M1 sweeper will meet Tridon’s life expectancy target.

The Result

ASC’s Scott Campbell demonstrated and installed the new, long life, heavy duty M1 sweeper.

Tridon Australia can now plan to replace the machine in 2043, with a high degree of certainty.