Tutt Bryant Karratha WA

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

Construction . Mining

Client Introduction

Tutt Bryant has been providing construction equipment for the mining industry since 1938. Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift and Shift is based in the mining Mecca of Karratha, Western Australia, and in the expanding industrial area of Gap Ridge.

The Challenge

Tutt Bryant completed their new workshop building in Gap Ridge. They were looking for a reliable and sturdy sweeper to keep their famous Pilbara red dust under control. For that matter, Gary Milne made an online inquiry after researching sweeping machines on the ASC website as several customers in the Karratha region are already using the ASC Eureka products with great success. As they bring heavy equipment in and out of the new workshop, they needed an easy to operate yet high-performance machine to do the job. The heat and red dust were their major concerns in the Pilbara. Consequently, they found the Eureka machines to be the best solution for them as ASC’s machines are designed to last. The Solution WA Area Manager, Ross Sheehan, explained to Gary why the best solution for his situation was a low-cost entry-level ASC MEP sweeper.

The Result

Gary was impressed and placed an order for the ASC MEP as it provided a dust filter, was simple, easy to use, and free of batteries. Ross had the sweeper checked over in his Perth warehouse and had it shipped to Karratha. This ensured the sweeper arrived in one piece, ready to work.