ULD Transport Botany NSW

Updated on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

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ULD Transport Warehousing Pty Ltd is a family-owned company. They specialise in providing exceptional logistics solutions for the International Freight Forwarding Industry. They are based in Sydney’s freight hub of Botany.

The Challenge

ULD Transport was previously using a small battery-operated sweeper that needed to be repaired. They requested a quote from their supplier for the repair, but it seemed way out of line.

ULD Transport then contacted ASC to discuss their need for a sweeper for keeping their floors dust-free. The ASC representative advised them to invest in a small push along with the ASC MEP sweeper and cut the repairing losses on the old sweeper.

The Solution

The company found it to be a very practical solution and invested in an ASC MEP sweeper. The machine was a better option because it was not only cheaper than repairing the old one but also performed better.