V/ Line Rail Maintenance Invests in an ASC Eureka M1 Heavy Duty Sweeper

Updated on Thursday, July 1, 2021

Manufacturing . Transport & Railways

The Challenge

Running and maintaining a rail maintenance facility is quite an exercise. Besides being very large, these facilities also tend to get extremely dusty.

In these workshops, maintenance, repairing, and overhauling of locomotives and carriages is always going on. Lachlan Grant and his staff from V/Line rail maintenance in Maryborough (Vic) reached out to ASC.

V/Line recently acquired new premises in Mary borough (Vic) that previously belonged to Mitre 10. They required a heavy-duty yet low maintenance sweeper to maintain their new workshop.

They wanted ASC to solve their problem of cleaning the thick layer of dust on their workshop floor as it wasn’t possible with only labour. V/Line approached ASC’s Ken Pepyat to discuss their options. Ken demonstrated the ASC M1 sweeper to and Lachlan and his staff. They were amazed at how well it worked at picking up the dirt and dust.

Lachlan was so happy with the results that he assured Ken that he would endorse the ASC sweepers to his other branches around Victoria.

The Result

V/Line purchased an ASC Eureka M1 battery, Heavy Duty sweeper for their new workshop.

V/Line has a long-lasting relationship with ASC developed over the years due to trust and reliability. They invested in ASC’s machines for their workshops across Victoria for many years now. Not only are the machines very effective but virtually maintenance-free.


ASC Eureka M1 Sweeper