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Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Client Introduction

Veale Auto Parts is a well-known WA business. Terry Veale started from a small service station in Bunbury. In 1990, the Veale Auto Parts was created, and it has grown significantly, with a new Distribution Centre (DC) in Bassendean and 17 retail stores across Perth.

The Challenge

Veale’s Warehouse manager, David, was looking for a long-term option to keep this large new Distribution Centre clean. He organised to meet with ASC Area Manager Ross Sheehan at the original warehouse.

Unfortunately, Covid19 hit Australian shores, and the prospect of a sweeper was put on hold. Luckily, WA had a great record over the following 10 months that David was able to increase their sales, and the sweeping machine was now needed. Their main issue was the dirt and dust from their large open doors, the occasional coffee spillage, and the rubber dust from the constant traffic of the 70 employees on bikes, trikes, scooters and forklifts as they pick thousands of auto parts per day.

The Solution

Ross made delivery of three machines as a part of the ASC model of offering free on-site demonstrations. These included

  1. Eureka MEP push sweeper for cleaning the narrow aisles of the parts shelved in a quarter of the DC
  2. Eureka Mach 3 battery sweeper to clean the loading dock, the outside apron, and the extra space yet to be utilised
  3. Eureka E83 floor scrubber to scrub the main traffic areas

All three machines impressed David and everyone around.

The Result

David was so impressed with the Eureka MEP’s performance as it was able to sweep the aisles of the parts shelving area. It was not motorised and didn’t damage the shelving that David ordered right away!