Vetafarm is based in NSW picturesque region of Wagga Wagga.

Updated on Thursday, July 29, 2021


Vetafarm is based in NSW picturesque region of Wagga Wagga.

They are one of Australia leading companies when it comes to animal supplements locally and internationally.

The problem.

The company has three purpose built facilities within Wagga Wagga. They have operated a ASC M3 sweeper for more than 10 years in their warehousing facility and recently decided to add floor scrubber for their new state of the art GMP approved pharmaceutical plant and the food manufacturing facility operating in the suburb of Bomen, on Wagga’s outskirts.

Prior to purchasing the ASC Eureka E 50 scrubber they would manually mop a large expanse of their floor on a nightly basis. Not only was this very time consuming it was hard work for the cleaning lady who had been with the company for many years.

The Solution.

Vetafarm’s Tim Gestier made contact with ASC and asked if there was a machine that he could invest in to make the plant look clean and save time cleaning.

The choice was obvious, a ASC Eureka E 50 scrubber.

The Result.

The plant looks much cleaner. The floor are perfectly clean dry once the scrubber is in use and what used to take 4 hours of cleaning is now achieved in under 30 minutes.