Victorian Heart Hospital, Clayton VIC

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023


The Client

Casello Pty Ltd is a leading building contractor appointed to the John Holland group constructing the new Victorian Heart Hospital site in Clayton Victoria.

The Challenge

John Holland recently purchased a ASC Eureka E83 floor scrubber to keep on top of their dust problem in the newly constructed basement areas.

While on site, ASC Victorian Manager Ken Pepyat pulled the Eureka MEP push sweeper out of his ASC Demonstration Van & showed Caselllo P/L how well it worked sweeping up cement dust.

They were very surprised on how well it worked on previously unsweepable concrete.

It pick up cement dust, stones & leaves in a single pass saving valuable labour time.

Matt Hedger (pictured) was so impressed with the sweeper and could see lots of uses with it around their sites.

The Solution.

Pictured is Matt Hedger (Casello Manager) who purchased the ASC MEP Sweeper.