Visa Global Logistics Welcome Their ASC Eureka M6

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

Ports & Shipping

Client Introduction

Mondiale VGL delivers fully integrated solutions, including forwarding, clearance, warehouse, distribution, and value-added services. They have become one of the largest privately-owned international freight forwarding companies in Australia. In 2021, VISA Global Logistics merged with Mondiale Freight Services.

The Challenge

Mondiale has a very large distribution Centre in Sydney’s freight hub of Banks meadow. Their facility is very large, with continuous truck and forklifts movement throughout the day. The depot suffers from all the normal pollutants, including pollution, diesel, and aviation sediment, as well as tire dust and general debris that blows into the facility from surrounding warehouses. The new M6 sweeper was recommended to sweep all the external roadways, loading docks, and internal warehousing spaces. The company was previously using an ASC Eureka M6 heavy-duty sweeper on a rental basis. They were familiar with its heavy-duty characteristics and satisfied with the performance.

The Result

The company decided to purchase a new ASC Eureka M6 LPG sweeper, given its proven performance and ease of usage.