Visy Glass Recycling Celebrates 5 Years of Service

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Waste & Recycling

The Client

Visy Glass Operations is a glass recycling and manufacturing facility, comprising integrated recycled glass cullet. The plant is based in Crestmead, Brisbane.
The proposed plant process approximately 145,000 tonnes per annum, of recycled material, into furnace-ready cullet.

The Challenge and the Result

5 years ago, the company entered into a rental contract with ASC, to supply a fully maintained road sweeper, capable of picking up glass pallet on the multi acre site.

The machine was used to keep the plant’s roadways free of glass pallet 24/7.

The pallet needed to be swept up to keep truck tyres from puncturing and ensuring no glass pallet went onto the surrounding public roads.

After some 60 months of service, the ASC D 200 street sweeper was retired last week.