Visy Wodonga Purchases ASC M3

Updated on Monday, July 5, 2021

Cleaning Contractor's

The Client

Visy Wodonga contracted facility management contractor Delited Cleaning Service recently took delivery of a new ASC M3 Battery Heavy Duty sweeper.

The Challenge.

Cleaning a large facility like Visy Wodonga is a massive undertaking. When you look at the cleanliness the company mandates it typically attracts an established and reliable contractor capable of understanding cleaning practices and equipment.

Pat Collins (Owner) chose the ASC M3 battery sweeper after researching the market. Pat went to see ASC’s Ken Pepyat at the ASC Melbourne warehouse to see first-hand the infrastructure in place to support the ASC product.

The Solution.

Following a demonstration Pat Collins elected to purchase the ASC M3 electric sweeper after exploring an exhaustive list of other supplier options.

Pat was convinced by the robustness, proven performance and ease of usage of the ASC M3 and felt that the M3 was the only way to go in order to keep delivering his quality service to Visy.