Vitragroup Endorses ASC

Updated on Thursday, February 4, 2021

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The Client.

Vitragroup is an Australian manufacturer of VitraPanel, VitraPanel Custom Image and VitraClad .

They are a market leading manufacturer and coating applicator of wall cladding panels and products with super high performance and flexibility.

The Challenge

The company has a large manufacturing plant in Western Sydney. They had a large problem with cement dust building up on their floors. They had previously a purchased a competitive model sweeper for their plant but it simply did not handle cement dust well.

It spent most of its life living in a corner unused.

The management of Vitragroup recently went in search of a proven sweeper brand that was suited to and designed for heavy cement applications. They were adamant that they were going to find the right machine for their application. They went through their raw material suppliers list and found that most of their high dust producing suppliers were suing ASC Approved Cement sweepers.

On the basis they called ASC to recommend an appropriate model.

The Solution.

Vitra Group decided on the manoeuvrable model ASC Eureka M3. They chose a Eureka M3 with a specific cement dust filtration system that would ensure the capture of 100% of fine dust.

The ASC M3 model chosen had a heavy duty fame, sealed drive train and a maintenance free battery drive system.