WA Fibreglass Pools

Updated on Wednesday, December 13, 2023


The Client

WA Fibreglass Pools manufacture Swimming Pools in Perth, to cope with the WA climate and conditions.

They are based in Neerabup, a rural locality in Perth.

The Challenge

The company moved into a new facility.

They required a sweeper to pick up dirt and fine dust that was accumulating around their large facility.

The machine was required to sweep up and maintain the outer perimeter of their facility, to ensure it’s free of debris, as well as picking up fibreglass in their manufacturing plant.

On occasions, the sweeper would be used to sweep up public roadways in the event that any material is left on the roadways, when the massive pools are floated out of their facility for deliveries.

ASC’s Scott Campbell suggested that the company invest in a heavy duty, low maintenance, ASC Eureka M6 sweeper as their best long-term answer.

The Result

The company agreed with Scott and purchased an ASC M6 diesel, mid-sized ride on sweeper, which will also be road registered for on road use.