ASC Devised A Site Maintenance Plan For Budget Pet Products

Updated on Friday, July 24, 2020

Warehouses & Distribution

The Challenge

Budget Pet Care is a very high end and progressive company. They realised that operating a large warehouses with constantly moving stock and forklift traffic generates a lot of dust.

In order to deliver their clientele a really great product they realised the need to do something about the dust build up in their warehouse complex.

The Solution

ASC Raf Rodrigues was invited by the company’s Warehouse Manager to help find a solution to their dust problem. They also needed a solution to reduce the amount of labour hours currently required to keep the complex clean.

The Result

A site maintenance plan was devised with the use of the heavy duty ASC M3 sweeper

The ASC M3 ride-on sweeper was the best choice as it is heavy-duty equipment with low maintenance inbuilt into the product line and user very friendly.

At the follow up visit it was easy to spot the difference in cleanness and the smile on the staff’s faces.


ASC M3 At Budget Pet Products' Warehouse 1

ASC M3 At Budget Pet Products' Warehouse 2

ASC M3 At Budget Pet Products' Warehouse 3