Wheeler Greyhound Kennels ASC Double Cleaning Solution

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


The Client

The Wheeler enterprise started way back in the 1960’s, by Brendan’s Grandfather, Allen Wheeler.

He grew up in Eastern Creek, NSW, moved to The Oaks, NSW and finally ended up at the 3000-acre property near Young, at Murringo.

The company breeds upwards of 300 pups each year. Very few organisations come near to what Wheeler Greyhound Kennels have achieved, worldwide.

The Challenge

The company is based in Murringo, near Young, 4.5 hrs south of Sydney. They required a floor solution that would clean kennels, food and processing areas.

There were many concrete corridors that required a complete clean, using both a sweeper and a scrubber. They asked ASC’s Scott Campbell for a recommendation.

Scott suggested the heavy-duty ASC Eureka M3 sweeper and the ASC Eureka E 81 scrubber, as their best solution.

The Result

After a successful on-site demonstration, the company purchased both the ASC Eureka E81 and M3 models.