Whiteman Park Welcome ASC M3 and ASC Littervac

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Client Introduction

Whiteman Park is located in the northern area of Perth, Western Australia. It covers nearly 4,000 hectares of natural bushland and leisure facilities. Originally owned by Mr Lew Whiteman, who grazed life stock from 1903 and then set up a picnic spot at Mussel Poolin in the 1960s. The WA state government started to purchase land in this area to conserve the local wildlife and fauna and the Gnangara Water Mound, a source of Perth’s drinking water.

The Challenge

Whiteman Park had been using a street suction sweeper to keep it clean. However, the sweeper proved to be inefficient for the purpose as the twigs and sticks kept on blocking the suction nozzle. Consequently, the machine experienced numerous breakdowns and increased running costs.

Sue (Manager) and her team have the duty of keeping the main pathways and public areas along the train line clean and tidy. The main debris in the park is the gum leaves and Honky nuts.

They needed a reliable solution, which had a low cost of running, and actually performed its designated task – pick up the debris. The challenge was directed towards ASC to provide a solution that would reliably collect as much of this vegetation before the public time of the park started.

The Solution

Sue requested Ross Sheehan, the WA Area Manager of ASC, to demonstrate the ASC machines on her site to find a suitable solution. Ross arrived at the site in the ASC Demonstration van with an ASC Eureka M3 rider sweeper, a Heavy Duty, ElgeeLittervac, and a footpath sweeper. While all the ASC machines performed well on the day, Sue and her team needed time to consider which machines were going to do the best job for years to come.

The Result

A month later, Sue contacted Ross Sheehan to complete a Supplier form. They had decided to purchase the ASC M3 battery ride-on sweeper and anElgeeLitterVac.

Ross had these machines in stock in the ASC WA warehouse and was able to pre deliver the two machines immediately after receiving the purchase orders.