Whyalla Hospital South Australia

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Government . Health Care

Client Introduction

Whyalla Hospital and Health Service are based in South Australia. This is a unique hospital, which has a combination of acute care beds, palliative care beds, day surgery beds and recliner chairs.

The Challenge

Maintaining such a large hospital and its grounds is quite a challenging process. Particularly the roadways, which constantly need cleaning due to the leaves and branches that fall from the trees. The hospital was using petrol blowers along with sweepers to keep their roadways clean. This solution wasn’t only inefficient in terms of labour required but also caused airborne dust. They were looking for a reliable yet cost-efficient solution to their issue. When they contacted ASC sweeper specialist Mr. Ken Pepyat for a recommendation, he proposed the ASC M3 sweeper.

The Solution

Ken suggested the heavy-duty ASC M3 sweeper be the right solution for their problem. Furthermore, they were given the option of a maintenance-free battery power plant so that the machine’s noise level was kept to a minimum. They are now able to keep the walkways and pathways clean with one operator rather than a team of people walking around with blowers. A great result for the hospital.