Williams Fashion Logistics

Updated on Friday, April 19, 2024

Logistics & Distribution

The Client

Williams Fashion Logistics is a 3PL warehousing and distribution Center, based in Padstow, NSW.

The Challenge

The company has a very large facility with some 14,000+ square metres of warehouse space.

The company had purchased an ASC MEP Sweeper many months ago, to see if it would be effective in picking up airborne dust in their apparel section. It did the job with minimal spend.

Dust landing on wrapped plastic protected covered clothes, is impossible to remove.

The company wanted an answer, to offset this problem that challenges any 3PL provider.

The company decided to order another two ASC MEP manual sweepers with dust control, to control this issue.

The advantage was the elimination of high maintenance machines, easy, unrestricted use for any operator and a quick and effective solution to eliminate dust build up on their warehouse floor.

The Result

A total of three MEP Sweepers were ordered.