Workshop Client Solution for Roam

Updated on Thursday, April 1, 2021


Client introduction

Roam Pty Ltd is an Australian based company that specializes in the design, supply and installation of telecommunication infrastructure, including steel self-supporting towers, monopoles, guyed masts and antenna headframes.

The Challenge:

WA Area Manager dropped into the new premises of Roam Pty Ltd.

Ross met up with Craig Cooper who was responsible for setting up the new workshop and wanted information on a floor sweeper to help clean the welding and grinding bays clean from the start up.

The new workshop has multiple shielded welding bays all with mobile welding screens and benches.

There is also a large laydown area where they store finished products before being sent out to sites.

They required a sweeper to pick up concrete & forklift rubber dust as well as welding and grinding splatter.

The Solution

WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan discussed several options for Craig to consider.

Craig decided on the Eureka MEP and Eureka M1 to be demonstrated on site.

Both performed very well in the conditions and Craig and Mark the workshop supervisor were impressed.

The Result

It was decided due to the large welding bays the battery-operated sweeper ASC Eureka M1 was the most logical choice for their application.

An order was placed with Ross Sheehan.

Ross was able to deliver and train the workshop staff a week later.

Great to see a new workshop being kept clean with a ASC machine from the get go.