Xavier Catholic College’s Multiple Sweeper Requirements

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

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The Client

Xavier Catholic College opened in 2003, with 90 students in Year 8. In this short time, Xavier has grown to a Kindergarten to year 12 facility. It is recognised throughout Wide Bay for its outstanding achievements across key areas of academia, vocational education, cultural activities and sporting participation. Xavier is a Jesuit Partner school owned and administered by Brisbane Catholic Education.

The Challenge

The School is based in Eli Waters, Hervey Bay, QLD.

Brendan (the Grounds Manager) was looking for a ride on sweeper that the College could use for cleaning the corridors, footpaths, carparks and astroturf areas.

They had been using petrol blowers previously, which created a lot of airborne dust. It was also utilising a lot of manpower that the school did not have.

Brendan’s preference was a small sweeper with a petrol motor, that could give the School unlimited runtime.

They also needed a sweeper that was efficient at picking up leaves and did not create dust while sweeping.

Brendan also needed the machine to be able to sweep up the vast array of Astro Turf (Synthetic Grass) that covered the playgrounds.

The sweeper would also need to be easy to maintain inhouse and meet all the safety requirements necessary to use on the College premises.

The Result

Xavier Catholic College invested in an ASC M3 petrol sweeper, with an additional Astroturf hopper kit fitted.