Yancoal NSW Invests Again ASC M8

Updated on Friday, September 8, 2023


The Client

Yancoal Australia is a leading coal mining company.

Their NSW site is based in the Mount Thorley coal region of Warkworth, just outside Singleton.

The company had previously purchased an ASC M8 diesel powered sweeper for their South Workshop.

The Challenge

Yancoal required an additional sweeper for their North Workshop.

The machine would be sweeping a large maintenance facility that serviced mining dump tricks and bulldozers.

The facility would be full of coal dust and dusty, powdery dirt.

Yancoal required a heavy duty sweeper, designed to work in these brutal conditions and work without extensive downtime or maintenance issues.

The company had two other competitive sweepers that simply did not work in their tough conditions and asked ASC’s sweeper specialist, Scott Campbell, for a solution.

Scott suggested that they reinvest in another ASC M8 sweeper.

To make light work of their decision making process, Scott suggested that Yancoal look at their maintenance and performance records of their previous ASC M8 purchase 18 months ago, as an indicator of “fit for purpose”.

The Result

Yancoal placed an order for another ASC Eureka M8 diesel powered sweeper, with ASC’s Scott Campbell.