Zadow Beekeeping in Tintinara (SA) Was Amazed by ASC M1 Sweeper’s Performance

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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The Zadow family are Beekeepers based at Tintinara (South Australia)  about 2 hours east of Adelaide on a large rural property.

The Challenge

Ross and Lesley Zadow have a large rural shed that they store their equipment and products in.

Their main problem they had was coping with the sheer quantity of dust that blows straight in from the fields.

They have around 500 Hives which house a couple of hundred thousand bees per hive.

Prior to investing in the ASC M1 sweeper Lesley has an old push sweeper  ( pictured ) that had no dust control.

The Solution

ASC’s Ken Pepyat visited Lesley on her property and showed her the effectiveness of the ASC M1 sweeper on dusty floors.

She was amazed how well the M1 worked around their shed.

Lesley said they brought the ASC Mach 1 as it was reasonably priced with a great dust filtration system.

Another great win for the Beekeepers of South Australia.


ASC Eureka M1 Sweeper

ASC Eureka M1 Sweeper

Zadow Beekeeping's Facility