Zaraffa Coffee HQ Cleans Up With ASC M8

Updated on Thursday, August 26, 2021

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The Client

Zarraffa’s Coffee is a well-known and hugely successful national coffee house chain located primarily in Queensland, Australia and with franchises in Western Australia and New South Wales.

The Challenge

The company has established a massive new headquarters in Eagleby QLD. The company has its administration, blending, distribution and market areas all in the one location.

The entire building covers a massive floor span and is based off the M1 highway.

The company built a massive new carpark that had many speed bumps. They required a machine capable of cleaning large areas quickly with the ability to clean tyre dust, paper cups, broken glass, leaves and rubbish patrons leave behind when they exit the facility.

The Result.

Rafael Rodrigues consulted Zaraffa on this project. He recommended the ASC Eureka M8 sweeper as the perfect solution for their environment.

Zarraffa is already an ASC customer having invested in the Eureka ride on 110 floor scrubber some time ago.

Kenton Campbell rewarded Rafael’s efforts by placing an additional order this time for a ASC M8 heavy duty street sweeper.