Zarraffa Coffee & ASC

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Zarraffa’s Coffee is a household name in Queensland. It is well known for its chain of Zarraffa’s Coffee Shops located in over 80 locations across Queensland. They also operate in WA and NSW. Highly respected Mr. Kenton Campbell established the company back in 1996.

The company is expanding and is currently in the phase of building a large new HQ in the Gold Coast through its subsidiary Tonken Property Group.

The Challenge

They were faced with the challenge of finding a machine to replace their existing fleet of floor cleaning machines with a single machine.

They wanted to find a ride-on scrubber that was very strong, produced a spotless and sanitised floor finish, and was reliable. The company researched the market and tested many machines.

The Solution

The ASC Eureka E110 was also demonstrated to Kenton and his group of site builders.

It performed flawlessly. They found it more comfortable to drive than any other product on the market. Eureka E110 left a superb dry finish on the floor and looked so impressive that the staff were blown away by its performance and inquired about it further.

The Result

The company invested in the ASC’s Eureka E110 after being impressed by its performance. They knew that this machine was a substantial capital purchase but reflected the ongoing value the group delivers its amazing brand.

Not only is the new HQ immaculately clean using the ASC Eureka 110 scrubber/sweeper, it reflects the strong principles endorsed by Kenton Campbell to constantly innovate and buy quality machinery that not only works well but lasts the test of time.