Coles Chooses ASC Australia’s Largest Warehouse Order for Eureka M8 Diesel Sweepers

Eureka M8 Diesel Sweeper Updated on Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Eureka M8 Diesel Sweeper

Coles Distribution Centre, a prominent supermarket giant, has just raised curtains for its second large distribution outlet at Parkinson, Queensland. Like all big commercial establishments, one of its biggest concerns was of course how to maintain a spotless, attractive environment. The challenge was thus to find an effective industrial cleaning equipment that could replace and save hours of manual cleaning to achieve absolute cleanliness of the huge acres of open concrete area. After six months of careful consideration of pros and cons and an intense quest for the perfect equipment across various platforms, Coles chose the ASC Eureka M8 diesel sweepers with built-in air-conditioned cabin machines and side brooms for their new distribution facility. The 10 ordered models were shipped to each distribution center in every state of Australia, hand-delivered, and installed by ASC’s personnel. It is believed to be the largest warehouse order for industrial sweepers that ASC has ever commissioned in Australia.


Why Coles Trusted ASC with the Task


ASC has been manufacturing small and large-scale mechanical and electronic floor-sweepers for domestic spaces, public spaces like schools, hospitals, and parks as well as large industrial establishments, and even municipalities. The large order by Coles for 10 ASC diesel sweepers shows confidence in the capabilities of the sweeping equipment and trust in the serviceability and functionality of ASC as a nationwide premium supplier of sweepers and scrubbers.

  • Reduction in Operational Cost- Besides saving hours of tedious mopping and washing by hand, these technological sweepers are also famous for saving huge operational costs required of manual cleaning on such a large commercial scale. 
  • Ease of Handling- Moreover, large industrial cleaning equipment like the ASC Eureka M8 diesel sweeper is also user and eco-friendly, ensuring minimum pollution, ease of operation, and driver comfort.
  • Efficient Functioning- The improved and intelligent use of technology in the sweepers in terms of both structure and function including the modern cleaning equipment, cabin safety measures, and maneuverability of radius allows maximum clearance of dust and debris as well as smooth operation of the cleaning process.


How ASC Eureka M8 Will Revolutionize the Commercial Cleaning Process for Coles


Large outdoor spaces and commercial institutions need much more organization, logistic flexibilities, and careful operation as far as keeping the establishment clean and pollution-free is concerned. Such a huge labor force can never be perfectly coordinated while manually working to clean an industrial establishment full of thousands of debris produced by so many processes. It is also financially constricting to arrange such huge labor costs. Large cleaning equipment like the ASC Eureka M8 will prove to be a great rescue and revolutionary solution to all such hassles for the institution in maintaining spotless quarters with its wide range of efficient, user-friendly, and time-saving features. Some of the best features of this cleaning beast are-

  • Its powerful, heavy-duty sweeping capacity makes it a perfect fit for big industrial establishments. The robust steel body makes it a highly reliable piece of equipment that is capable of tackling large areas like warehouses and open-air car parking lots.
  • Its wide cleaning path (up to 2.100 mm) is designed to clean large areas. The direct front-throw sweeping and front-driving position in its cleaning technology can clear dust and gravel across vast outdoor spaces, parking lots, and warehouses.
  • One of the best features of the ASC Eureka M8 diesel sweeper is the technology of gradient boosting. This technology enables the cleaning equipment to tackle gradients of as much as 21%. Apart from that, the hydraulic device associated with the sweeper is equipped with reduced forward speed so that cleaning dust and gravels of even rougher terrains can be made easier.
  • The high maneuverability and compact turning radius ensure maximum efficiency in cleaning places hard to reach like doorways and corridors. Moreover, the built-in seatbelts, seat pressure sensors, indicators, oversized mechanical drum brakes, and a host of other facilities ensure maximum driver comfort and safety.


In this era of expanding commerce and large-scale professional establishments, maintaining a spotless, pollution-free environment through mere manual labor has become too tedious. Coles Distribution Centre has made the right choice in placing a big order for ASC Eureka M8 diesel sweeping machines as the most reliable equipment to maintain industrial cleanliness in their establishments. Its modern cleaning technology with high maneuverability, wide sweeping paths, and hydraulic devices ensures maximum efficiency in cleaning the vast open acres including hard-to-reach areas. Its highly responsive safety controls and measures help to reduce operational hazards and dilemmas, ensuring a time-saving, smooth cleaning process. Coles has indeed paved the way for a revolutionized leap towards industrial cleanliness by showing faith in the ASC Eureka M8 diesel sweepers.