Diesel Sweeper vs Electric Sweeper – Making The Right Choice

Electric Sweeper - ASC Updated on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Electric Sweeper - ASC

Whether you’re in the commercial cleaning business or want an effective floor sweeper for domestic use, you have two main choices:

Both have their merits and advantages, but which is the best option? The electric sweeper or the diesel sweeper?

In this article, you’ll discover the answer to that question and more.

Let’s take a look at the electric sweeping machine compared to the diesel version and see which is the better option.

Kind To the Environment

The electric model obviously is powered by a battery. This makes it immediately a more environmentally friendly option as the sweeper is not emitting toxic fumes. Outdoors exhaust fumes may not present that much of a problem, but imagine running a diesel-powered floor sweeper inside a warehouse or store. In no time the interior space will be permeated by diesel exhaust fumes, which is not a very healthy outcome.

An electric floor cleaning machine is both kinder to the environment as well as to the people in the vicinity of the sweeper and the sweeper operator. On this point, the electric sweeper really wins hands down.

Much Quieter Operation

Combustion powered engines are not very quiet when operating. That’s just a fact, despite being fitted with mufflers and pollution gear. Although modern machinery that’s diesel-powered has come a long way, there is still a noise factor with regards to the motor, adding to any noise that the actual sweeping action makes. Whether it’s a diesel ride-on sweeper or a walk-behind model, they can be quite loud.

On the other hand, an electric floor sweeping machine offers far quieter operation. While they certainly make a sound too, compared to a diesel-powered model the electric version is really quiet. Indoors this is a blessing, as the less noise, the sweeper makes, the less it’s likely to disturb anyone trying to work or concentrate on other tasks.

Electric Sweepers Are Low Maintenance

Motors that are electronically powered are much simpler in their design. There are less moving parts, so therefore far less wear and tear when in operation mode. Maintenance on an electric sweeper – whether it’s a small sweeper or a street sweeper – is minimal compared to what’s involved in the upkeep of diesel-powered sweepers of all makes and models.

Any combustion engine will have trouble from time to time and need parts replaced. So whether you’re running a cleaning business or have a sweeper to keep your commercial premises clean inside and out, there is a chance of downtime if you were to buy a diesel sweeper.

As far as maintenance goes and less time and money spent fixing your sweeper, the electronic version is definitely the way to go.

Electric Street Sweepers Don’t Guzzle Fuel

The diesel road sweeper is in the process of being phased out for some of the reasons listed above (especially noise levels). While it’s had a good run and done a tremendous job for many years, times are changing and the electric street sweeper is the future.

It just makes logical sense on so many levels to replace the diesel street sweeper with the electric model.

One key point is that electric sweepers are far cheaper to run. Diesel models consume quite a lot of fuel when operating, raising the overall costs of using the equipment. Any way costs can be shaved for councils or businesses is always a positive thing and one of the real selling points of the electric sweeper.

Electric sweepers do need to have their batteries charged, but this costs far less in electricity consumption than what it costs to continually fuel up a diesel model.

ASC – For All Your Electric Sweeper Requirements

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