Does Your Floor Need a Good Scrubbing? Here’s How To Know and How To Do It

Good Floor scrubber Updated on Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Good Floor scrubber

Commercial floors are high-traffic areas that need frequent cleaning and maintenance. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, these spaces will become unhygienic and can increase the risk of workplace injuries.

Commercial floor cleaning differs from residential cleaning we carry out daily in our homes. There are specific tools, equipment, and process for industrial floor cleaning. To maintain a clean work environment, you must constantly look for signs of dirt, debris, spills, stains, and wear and tear on floors. 

A clean space keeps employees and clientele happy and increases productivity and job satisfaction.

Does Your Floor Need a Good Scrubbing and Cleaning?

Here are some signs you need to look out for that indicate that your commercial floor needs a deep cleaning.

Emergency Spots:

No matter how much you clean a commercial floor, emergency spots will always come up. It can be an accidental spill, greasy residue, dust or debris accumulation. When you face this situation, using commercial-grade equipment and cleaning products is the best way to clean the floor. If not addressed timely such emergency spills, spots, and stains can affect workflow and productivity negatively.

Check the Cracks: 

Cracks and crevices are hard to see but can cause significant problems for your business. Dirt and debris can quickly accumulate and get trapped in these fine crevices. With time it will make your floors look dirty and unhygienic.

Apart from that, the cracks can grow in size as dust and debris keep accumulating. Eventually, it will become a tripping hazard for your employees. Keep an eye out for such cracks and crevices and ensure they are cleaned frequently.

Floor Discolouration:

Discolouring is a direct indicator that your floor needs attention. If ignored, it can turn more harmful for everyone working on the floor. Floor discolouration and mould growth go hand in hand. When you see these on the floor, immediately carry out a deep clean with industrial-grade cleaning solutions and equipment.

How to Clean Commercial Floors Effectively?

It is sufficient to say that you cannot use home a mop and bucket to clean commercial flooring effectively. There are specific tools and equipment designed specifically for such tasks. Here are some practical ways to scrub the floor clean.

Use Proper Equipment:

To properly execute a job, you need the right tools. Commercial floor cleaning equipment might be more expensive than your standard bucket and mop. However, they deliver a far more efficient cleaning necessary for high-traffic areas. Therefore the best commercial floor cleaning tip is to invest in the right materials. These one-time purchases will last longer and work efficiently to maintain proper sanitation. Here are some equipment you might look into for cleaning commercial floors:

  • Floor scrubbers
  • Floor sweepers
  • Industrial grade cleaning solutions and disinfectants
  • Commercial vacuums
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Microfiber towels

Out of all these, floor scrubbers and floor sweepers are essential as they are easy to clean and dry hard surfaces. Floor scrubbers are an effective way to scrub floors as they can remove dirt and debris between tiles, cracks, and crevices. These machines come in various configurations, sizes, and power options. Choose the one that fulfils your requirements to get clean and tidy floors. 

Develop a Maintenance Schedule:

A proper maintenance schedule is the only way to keep commercial floors clean and sanitary. Here are some steps you can include in your daily cleaning schedule to keep the commercial space neat and tidy.

  • Use a commercial floor cleaning brush for hard surfaces
  • Use light-duty brooms to sweep the floor mats
  • Use floor scrubbers to clean large high-traffic areas
  • Use commercial floor sweepers to remove dust and debris from large high-traffic areas
  • Use microfiber cloths to clean soft surfaces
  • Use industrial-grade cleaners for all cleaning purposes

Vacuum Every Couple of Hours:

Every day fine dust that is invisible to our eyes accumulates on carpets and floors. You might not think much of it, but it can be detrimental to your floor. Dust can scratch the floor and damage the protective coating, especially on hardwood floors.

Apart from that, dust can also set off allergies in your employees and clients. The bottom line is that dust is terrible for our health. Vacuuming every couple of hours will prevent the dust from accumulating too long.


Now that you know how to address these issues, make sure you take the proper steps to resolve them. The hygiene of your commercial property has a direct impact on your employees and your brand.

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