Features of Eureka Dose-matic® Dosing System

Updated on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Eureka E100 Dose-Matic System
Eureka E100 Dose-Matic System

If you’re operating a commercial or industrial business, then cleaning will be an integral part of the workplace routine. One area that always needs special attention is the floor of your business premises.

While sweeping and mopping can ‘get the job done’, these methods can be both time-consuming and labour-intensive.

A quicker and much more effective way of cleaning commercial floors is with a scrubber dryer machine, such as a scrubber dryer produced by Eureka Sweepers.

Eureka Dose-matic® Cleaning Products

A scrubber dryer Eureka machine that uses the Dose-matic® dosing system offers one of the best floor cleaning solutions for any industry. Whether you operate a restaurant, a factory or some other commercial business, you’ll be guaranteed clean and hygienic floors every time. This is especially important during these Covid-19 pandemic times.

The Eureka E100 floor cleaner is a prime example of the quality and efficiency of the Dose-matic® system. It’s been proven to deliver unmatched performance for cleaning commercial floor space.

Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic features of the Eureka Dose-matic® dosing system.

1 – Electronically Controlled for Absolute Precision

What’s different about the Dose-matic® floor scrubbing system is the precise control the operator has over how much chemical is injected into the solution tank. With previous scrubbers, solution tanks were manually filled with a mixture of water and cleaning chemicals. That meant the solution was fixed until the tank had been used up.

The main issue with the traditional method was that the dilution of the solution couldn’t be adjusted to suit different floor types or problem areas. The only way around this was to go over the same area a number of times until it was hygienically clean. Another option would be to mix a higher concentration of chemical, which would be both overkill for most of the floor, as well as proving to be costly and uneconomical.

With the Eureka Dose-matic® system the mixing is all handled electronically with a potentiometer. The result is a far more accurate mix than what could be achieved with the mechanical system. When cleaning the floors of your business, the mix can be adjusted in real-time, to suit different floor types or to tackle a particularly soiled area of the floor. There’s no need to wait for the solution tank to run dry before changing the concentration of the chemical/water mix, which means no downtime, extra cleaning time or wasted product.

2 – Complete Solution Tank Visibility for Simplicity and Convenience

The universal solution container capacity ranges from 1 litre to 10 litres. This provides complete flexibility for your cleaning requirements. Best of all, monitoring of solution levels is super simple as the position of the container provides complete visibility so you always know, at a glance, how much chemical you have left.

The easy access feature ensures you can readily change chemicals to suit different floor types and cleaning tasks. Within seconds the containers can be switched out and the operator back cleaning once more. It’s safe, it’s convenient and it’s fast.

3 – Your Dose-matic® System Is Always Ready for Use

Maintaining your Dose-matic® floor cleaning machine is simple. At the mere touch of a button, the auto cleaning function is activated. This guarantees your floor scrubber is always in top shape and ready for cleaning duties.

The Dose-matic® system can be fitted after the purchase of a floor cleaning machine and can be transferred between compatible models.

4 – Suitable Cleaning Surfaces and Applications for the Eureka E100

Utilising Dose-matic® technology, the E100 is suitable for cleaning the following types of surfaces:

  • Marble
  • Concrete
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain tiling
  • Linoleum
  • Non-slip surfaces
  • And more…

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a school, hospital, government building, airport, shopping centre, restaurant, public building or industrial premises, the E100 is efficient and powerful enough to tackle any floor cleaning task. Combined with Dose-matic® technology, you’ll be impressed with the results.

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