Feeding Dreams Cambodia and ASC Keeping it Clean

Feeding Dreams Cambodia School Updated on Wednesday, November 22, 2023

At ASC we are proud to provide high-end, quality scrubbers and sweepers that people and businesses need for their toughest cleaning requirements. What we are most proud of though, is helping Brak Thoeung (Sok Tha) to keep the Feeding Dreams School in Cambodia clean. We don’t help by providing one of our cleaning machines to Sok Tha, we do it by paying her yearly salary – something we have been doing for years now.

The entire ASC team is committed to helping our local and international communities and we could not have found a better international recipient than the Feeding Dreams charity. Over 800 children who would otherwise be denied an education are being taught and feed by the charity co-founded in 2012 by Australian Kelly Huntly.

Feeding Dreams Cambodia School

Ms. Huntly was volunteering at a local school in Siem Reap, Cambodia when she encountered the slums of the town and the desperate people there. She could not forget the way they were forced to live – the challenges they faced and the hopelessness of their reality. She determined to offer them meaningful help and decided the best way to do that, was to give free education to children who would otherwise not receive it.

In Cambodia, education costs money. Students pay for teachers, supplies, transportation, uniforms and more. Parents of the poorest children cannot afford these high costs. They cannot even afford to live and so even their youngest children have to work to help feed their family. Poverty excludes millions of Cambodian children from education and traps them and their families in an endless cycle.

Feeding Dreams effectively shatters that cycle. What started in rented business premises is now a proper school facility with 27 staff members and 800 children. Children from kindergarten to secondary school are taught English, Math, Computers, Morality and Sports and upon course completion are awarded a Ministry of Education certified qualification.

Sok Tha is a single mother of a ten-year-old boy who Feeding Dreams and ASC is also helping out of poverty. Sok Tha works tirelessly every day to keep the classrooms, offices, toilets, and sitting area of the school spotless and hygienic.

Sok Tha Cleaning

Her cleaning duties are combined with her culinary ones as every day she helps in the kitchen to prepare food for the children and wash hundreds of bowls needed for their daily meal. This meal is extremely important because for many of the children it is the most substantial they will get in a day.

Sok Tha Helping In The Kitchen

ASC’s contribution in the form of Sok Tha’s salary, helps Feeding Dreams School to function and its functioning helps countless families to stay together, climb out of poverty and realise a better life. We intend to continue our monetary donation to this amazing charity indefinitely to feed the dream of the charity, Sok Tha, the children and families of Siem Reap, Cambodia