Getting the Best Rental Sweepers & Scrubbers for Your Plant at ASC

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Keeping your industrial plants clean from both dirt and debris is necessary, not just for aesthetic appeal, but also for economic value. Not to mention, factory floors and parking lots that are free of sand and gravel are much safer for the workers. A clean industrial facility will also create a great impression on potential employees, customers, and vendors.

Even though the cost of professional cleaning equipment such as sweepers and scrubbers is a lot more than cleaning with a mop and a bucket, it’s an investment because studies suggest, labour costs can add up to around 90% of the total cost of floor maintenance. With industrial cleaning machines, operators can cover more ground in a lot less time and clean effectively.

Before you can consider purchasing heavy-duty cleaning machines or looking for industrial cleaning equipment hire from a local dealer, you should know that finding the best cleaners involves a great deal of research and planning. Selecting the wrong machine for your application can lead to added labour and maintenance costs.

Identify Your Sweeping and Scrubbing Needs

The whole process of identifying and getting a sweeper or a scrubber rental starts with understanding your facility’s cleaning needs. There are some sweeper manufacturers that may even consider conducting a survey in order to determine the type of machine that’ll be the most efficient for the cleaning job.

You need to consider the following variables before looking for a sweeper or scrubber rental in the area.

  • The total square footage that you want to clean
  • Type of debris
  • Indoor and outdoor surface type
  • Requirements for equipment manoeuvrability
  • Existing cleaning practices and problems associated with them
  • Estimated cleaning schedule 
  • Training requirements and number of operators available
  • Issues related to debris disposal
  • Equipment maintenance problems

Walk Behind vs. Ride-On Sweepers and Scrubbers

Once you’ve decided whether you should look for a scrubber or sweeper rental for your facility after assessing the cleaning demands, the next thing you need to do is choose between walk behind and ride-on industrial cleaning equipment.

Walk Behind Cleaning Equipment

Walk behind cleaning machines are typically chosen for smaller facilities or places that are harder to cover with larger equipment. Some people are tempted to select a walk-behind machine for larger facilities just because of the lower purchase price, but what they fail to realise is that it will eventually add up to the same cost as you’d pay for a ride-on floor scrubber rental.

You may benefit from the lower price at first, but the poor performance of the machine, increased downtime, and reduced life will significantly hinder your progress. It’s advisable to supplement larger equipment with walk-behind scrubbers or sweepers so you can safely reach difficult areas.

Ride-On Cleaning Equipment

Ride-on cleaning machines, on the other hand, are selected for areas that are often too large to clean using walk-behind machines. Even though a walk-behind is a lot easier to manoeuver than a rider machine, it’s observed that when both machines have the same scrub path, walk-behind scrubbers tend to have a larger turning radius than ride-on equipment.

If you choose a rider of the same size as a walk-behind machine, it will take a lot less time to clean the facility as ride-on machines can clean effectively at a higher speed and can even sustain it for a longer amount of time.

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Final Words

Once you’ve selected the cleaning equipment, you need to define the nature of your cleaning needs based on your past experiences. You can also consider soliciting help from professionals to help you select a sweeper or scrubber that’s best suited for your facility.

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