Hard Floor Cleaning Tips: 10 Steps to Perfectly Clean Concrete Floors by an ASC Machine

Hard Floor Cleaning Tips Updated on Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Hard Floor Cleaning TipsIf you are on this article, it is safe to conclude that your workspace has a hard floor. Concrete flooring comes with its advantages. Perhaps why, among varied types of flooring options to choose from, your workplace has a hard floor which will depend on your industry. However, cleaning concrete flooring can be a chore too. 

In this article, we help you understand the benefits of concrete flooring and 10 simple steps you can use to keep your hard floor clean. 

Let’s begin!

Advantages to picking concrete flooring as your go-to choice: 

  • Require lesser maintenance: Tiles, especially white ones, or marble floors need to be maintained for that shiny and perfectly white appearance. Concrete floors tend to require less maintenance if cleaned regularly. 
  • Offer more friction: Unlike tiles and other flooring materials, concrete offers a more rough and rugged floor space. This can lead to lesser slips and more friction, which is great for offices that handle sensitive and volatile contents. 
  • Create an illusion of a bigger space: It is known that industrial spaces use exposed concrete flooring to create a bigger space illusion. Though concrete has a more rugged and rough aesthetic, we have seen various modern designers bringing some polish to the look, which further pushes the charm higher. Not having blacks or stones cut out on the floor portrays your workspace as continuous and generous. 
  • Help keep the temperatures cooler: Cement and debris which goes into the making of a concrete floor help keep the heat outside. If you particularly deal with items that require flaming or usage of torching, you would appreciate concrete flooring options more. 

However, with all this being said, there are some cons to choosing a hard floor:

  • Might develop tears faster: Usually, when a floor is covered with tiles, it has an added wall of protection. However, a concrete floor exposes the cement and adhesive to the action, making it prone to tearing faster.  
  • Can get uneven: because of the high friction perk, concrete floors are also more vulnerable to getting peeled and scraped off in the process. You would find debris and particles coming out eventually. This particularly happens when the concrete floor has not been cleaned regularly and so when the cleaning happens it is too rigorous.  
  • Gets stained faster: Stained Floors in Commercial spaces don’t look good. They can adversely demotivate your employees and promote a lazy workspace tonality. However, on a more direct side effect, a stain would also be the birthing ground for germs, and in case of a liquid spill, it could lead to physical injuries and fire disasters as well. Concrete floors do tend to accumulate grease and oil faster. 
  • Gets dull if not maintained: Since concrete floors are not resistant to staining, they may lose their lustre fast, leading to a boring workspace.

So, one way to go about this is to invest in a good ASC machine. You would find multiple options to choose from on our website. However, for now, let us focus on how can you make your hard flooring squeaky clean using ASC (All Surface Cleaning) machines in 10 simple steps: 

  • Choose the right setting on your ASC machine. You can usually adjust how intense the cleansing needs to be. 
  • Fill in the cleaning solution, and do read the manual to understand what proportions fit the ASC machine best.
  • Start with the scrubber. This helps take out all the grease and stickiness. 
  • Move on to spraying the cleaning solution. Use the scrubber again if needed. 
  • Use the blower to dry off the wet surface.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner to collect solid debris.
  • Use the dry scrub for a touch-up.
  • Empty the dust bag in the tank of the machine
  • Disassemble the pipes and the gear
  • Clean it all separately. This doesn’t need to happen after every usage. Once in a few runs is okay too. 

Now that you know how to make use of ASCs to clean concrete floors, we wish you happy work and a squeaky clean and prettier work area!