How Far Have Street Cleaning Machines Come?

Updated on Wednesday, January 19, 2022

A street cleaning machine is not a new invention. The first iteration of one was invented by Joseph Whitworth in 1943. He created it to combat the mess on Manchester’s streets during the industrial revolution. Six years later, C.S. Bishop invented and patented another street sweeper design in the United States. Both of these were horse-drawn, and the first motor-based one was invented in 1911 by John M. Murphy. However, he did not create a prototype for it. 

Over a century later, street sweepers look and operate much differently. There are many different types of street sweepers that can offer different levels of cleaning. However, at the end of the day, they ensure that outdoor space is clean and clear of dust and debris. Here’s an overview of the history of street sweepers and what modern-day ones offer. 

Some More History of Street Sweepers

John M. Murphy did eventually create a motor sweeper. He partnered with The American Tower and Tank Company and created the Elgin Sweeper Company. For years, he experimented and released a motor sweeper in 1917. He changed the design from his original one by adding a conveyor belt that could lift the dust from the broom to the dirt collection box. 

The design for street sweepers stayed relatively the same till the 1970s. Another change was seen in the 1990s. For the most part, street sweepers were designed only to remove large debris because people believed the rain would clean the rest. Today, there are different sizes of street sweepers, and many of them are capable of removing small and large debris. 

What Do Street Sweepers Do?

Well, precisely what the name suggests: these devices clean large outdoor spaces. The devices manufactured by ASC, an Australian manufacturer of sweeping and vacuuming machines, are designed for optimal, award-winning dust control. Thus, these sweepers collect the dust on the street without spreading it around. 

How Does a Street Sweeper Work?

There are different kinds of street sweepers. ASC has various designs that operate differently. Thus, we’ll explore these specific units to explain the different ways street and road sweepers work. 

ASC Power Vac

This type of sweeper is a power vacuum. There are different types of power sources for this particular model, which include:

  • Gasoline
  • Propane
  • Batteries
  • Electric power
  • Lithium-ion batteries

This type of cleaning machine can effectively clean warehouses, factories, outdoor and indoor sports facilities, stables, regional airports, amusement parks, machine shops, and more. They use a vacuum that sucks up the air into the dirt bag. You will need to push these wherever you go to use them and run them directly over the area you want to clean. 

ASC Eureka M8

This heavy-duty sweeper can clean large outdoor areas. It uses direct forward throw sweeping, and someone has to drive it to use it. Therefore, it offers complete maneuverability, and the various safety features also ensure the driver is safe within the cabin. 

ASC 125 Sweeper

This unit can remove light and heavy debris at high speeds. You can either drive it or walk behind it and use it. It includes a dust filtration system and sprays hot water to minimise side-broom dust.

ASC Bin Vac 250 Sweeper

This sweeper is a bin-style unit that helps make manual cleaning efficient and convenient. It includes a vacuum that can lift large and small debris and litter, including dust and plastic water bottles.

ASC Dulevo 850 Sweeper

This unit is a leaf sweeper that can tackle narrow areas. It includes a high-capacity hopper and water tank for high efficiency. 

ASC Dulevo 200 Sweeper

This is both a street and industrial sweeper that has both suction and mechanical technologies. Thus, it offers faster and more effective cleaning for industrial spaces in particular.

ASC Dulevo 5000 Cleaner

This is the world’s first leaf sucker that uses both direct throw sweeping and suction technologies.

ASC Dulevo Zero

The ASC Dulevo Zero is an electric sweeper which has zero emissions. It can clean outdoor spaces without polluting the air, and it’s quiet, too.

You can visit the ASC website for information on sweepers, or you can get in touch with one of our consultants for finding the perfect solution. We operate in Oceanic countries and offer the purchase of used machines if you are low on budget.

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