How to Choose The Right Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment

floor cleaning equipment Updated on Thursday, December 1, 2022

Any firm that invests in flooring is doing it at a substantial cost. Thus, it is essential to extend its lifespan as much as possible. Making up and putting into effect a proper cleaning strategy is highly essential. Doing this may extend the floor’s life while also maintaining hygiene. This guide will explore choosing the right commercial floor cleaning equipment for your space.

Factors that may contribute to the type of floor cleaning machine you use

  • Type of flooring

The cleaning criteria for various textiles and surfaces vary. For instance, some vinyl surfaces must be scrubbed with a rotary machine and an appropriate brush head to clean the floor thoroughly. A high polish may be necessary to disguise scratches in stone floorings such as marble or granite. In case you intend to clean a carpet, a vacuum would work best.

  • Surface area

If the flooring is extensive, heavier floor-cleaning machines will be needed. Organisations with smaller facilities will not require such powerful equipment, on the other hand. Measure your floors accurately to evaluate the type of cleaning equipment you need.

  • The environment around the space

If the surrounding area is dusty, dirt may find its way through the air, increasing the demand for more durable floor cleaning equipment. Even though the atmosphere is generally clean, the flooring may be subjected to more difficult circumstances. These elements will affect whether the cleaning apparatus has to be particularly strong or sufficient for routine cleaning.

  • Budget

While the budgeting process must be reasonable, businesses must also prioritise what they can afford. There are currently a variety of efficient, multifunctional machines available in the competitive market that offer exceptional value and investments. Find a provider who can provide a flexible financing package, such as a lease, if money is a problem.

  • Additional consumables

Remember that floor cleaning equipment requires consumables, including filters, brushes, cleaning agents, etc. Consider how long they will last if the equipment provider has them in stock and how much they will cost. Take into account the advised service and maintenance strategy as well. All of these elements will have an impact on the machine’s ongoing cost.

Types of floor cleaning machines

  • Commercial floor scrubber

The commercial floor scrubbers available today are highly advanced cleaning tools. While you can scrub and dry the floors, you can also sweep and scrub simultaneously. Squeegees behind the machine collect the residue after brushes stir cleaning into the floor to remove dirt. After that, the residue is sucked into a collecting tank for disposal later.

  • Floor buffer

Floor buffers are versatile surface cleaning tools that can remove dirt and dust while polishing the floor, making them perfect for hard floors in schools or shops.

Some powerful machines may scarify concrete floors and various other floor kinds, such as wood, marble, stone, or linoleum. These brushes must be replaced over time to achieve the best cleaning results. Another option is a floor burnisher, which operates quickly to produce lasting shine.

  • Floor sweeper

A floor sweeper can be used instead of cleaning by hand with a broom. These can be simple battery-powered devices or commercial sweepers that can remove dust. Rotating brushes are used by floor sweepers to efficiently remove debris from the floor and collect it in a hopper for later disposal. Depending on the type of dirt, there are wide varieties of brushes.

  • Vacuum cleaner

Commercial vacuum cleaners, available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and ideal for many different floor types, are typically the primary option for removing debris from carpets. Some vacuums can also be used to clean hard surface floors. They can remove any grime as well. Modern vacuums come in wet and dry modes. They may be used on wet or dry surfaces, and many feature big-capacity containers with strong suction power.


Even though this is not a comprehensive list, it gives us a place to start when advising clients on the kind of equipment they require. Before making a purchase, it is usually a good idea to research the sort of floor and equipment you have.