How To Choose The Right Industrial Floor Scrubber?

E110-R Updated on Monday, February 27, 2023

Maintaining a clean workplace is crucial in the modern commercial environment, and selecting the right floor scrubber machine for your carpet, wood, or tile floors is essential. Unfortunately, foot traffic inevitably brings in dust, dirt, and allergens that disrupt the workflow and appearance. 

A clean floor also eliminates the chances of sustaining workplace injuries from slipping or tripping. It also removes obstructions and grit efficiently, which can scratch and wear down the surface. 

Additionally, in factories and commercial premises, there are health, safety, and hygiene considerations that require floors to be cleaned adequately without residue, which cannot be accomplished by sweeping or using an outdated mop and bucket.

An industrial floor scrubber is necessary these days. Here are the factors you must keep in mind before investing in one.


Factors to Consider For Choosing The Right Floor Scrubber Machine

The Size Of The Floor

When selecting an industrial floor scrubber for your workshop or warehouse, it is essential to consider the machine’s design and performance capabilities in relation to the size of the space.

For large floor spaces, a ride-on floor scrubber like the ASC Eureka E110-R is an excellent option due to its increased width, resulting in quicker cleaning times. A ride-on floor scrubber machine would be superior because it not only decreases the time it takes to clean the area but also decreases your labour costs.

Walk-behind floor scrubbers are typically best suited for cleaning smaller areas or facilities, especially those that may be difficult to maneuver with bulkier equipment. The price is also less than ride-on equipment, but that should not be the first — and not the only — reason to purchase.

Take the time to evaluate the cleaning area and consider any special requirements for effective cleaning.

The Kind Of Floor You Want To Clean

Different types of floors require specific cleaning and maintenance. For instance, wooden and carpeted floors in office spaces and concrete floors in storage and warehouses need other cleaning methods.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose a floor scrubber based on the type of floor you want to clean. There are various floor scrubbers available for rental that provide multi-surface cleaning.

For tiles, a scrubber with fine bristles is ideal as it can easily clean dirt and debris while keeping the tiles shiny and scratch-free. 

Concrete floors in garages, warehouses, and other industrial spaces require a scrubber with stiff brushes that can clean tough grime and stains that occur over time.

For hardwood floors, a floor scrubber with a softer brush is suitable as it promotes a polished look while preventing scratches.

At Australian Sweeper Corporation, we offer a wide range of floor scrubbers that can assist you in achieving a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment.

How Much Noise Does The Floor Scrubber Make?

When choosing a floor scrubber machine, the noise it produces is an essential factor to consider. While an industrial floor cleaning machine in factories making too much noise might not be an issue, healthcare facilities and other quiet environments require a floor scrubber that operates quietly. 

Our range of scrubbers provides efficient cleaning and is suitable for various working environments, including offices, conference centres, and swimming pools, as they are specifically designed to operate quietly.

Machine Cost Vs Labour Cost

Efficient cleaning equipment can yield significant labour savings, leading to a quick return on investment for most facilities. Therefore, when determining the appropriate cleaning machine for your facility, it is vital to factor these savings into your cleaning budget.


Why Use ASC Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines For Your Workspace?

Sweeper floor scrubbers are designed to clean small and large floor spaces, making them perfect for commercial cleaning. In addition, our industrial floor cleaning machines offer quicker drying times, reducing the potential risk of workplace injury from slipping and falling. 

They also use less water, which is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. In addition, the machines are easy to operate and reduce the amount of effort the operator has to exert. 

We ensure that the machines delivered to our clients are cost-effective and durable for long-term commercial use and more cost-effective in the long run. Visit our product page to explore our fine selection of low-maintenance floor scrubbers.


Final words

Whether you need an industrial floor scrubber for a small or large space, we have an option that fits your needs. You can consult our in-house expert for more details if you need help deciding which one to choose. 

We also provide onsite demonstrations of our industrial cleaning equipment so you can see it in action at your facility. Feel free to contact us online or via phone at 1800 650 989.