How to Clean a Large Warehouse Floor with a Sweeper Machine

Large Warehouse Floor Cleaning Updated on Friday, June 2, 2023

Large Warehouse Floor Cleaning

Your warehouse facility is the hub of all business activity, including manufacturing, assembly, storage, and other operations. Ensuring your warehouse conditions are of the highest standards is the best way to optimize your workflow. It can even improve employee productivity and increase the daily output!

One of the most important components of warehouse optimization is floor cleaning. Your facility’s floors see the most action, and this will result in regular wear and tear, along with lots of spills, tire marks, dust, and debris.

You need a way to ensure effective floor cleaning so your warehouse can continue performing at its best. Here are some excellent ideas to achieve maximum warehousing output!

Warehouse Floor Cleaning Ideas

1. Stick to Your Cleaning Schedule

Regular warehouse floor cleaning is the best way (some would argue the ONLY way) to keep your facility in top working condition. However, ‘regular’ doesn’t mean you have your workers sweeping and mopping every single day. The best way to determine how often your warehouse floors require cleaning is by observing closely and form cleaning schedules accordingly.

Weekly cleaning usually works well for most warehouses, but you might need to switch it up to bi-weekly cleaning if your facility sees higher footfall. Also, be sure to plan a deep cleaning session at least once a month!

2. Use the Right Machines

Each warehouse can be considered a unique facility with its own cleaning requirements. However, the one thing that all warehouses have in common is that their floors can be impossible to clean without a high-performance machine making the job easier and more effective.

Here are some great recommendations of mini and large-sized floor cleaning machines from ASC Australia to help you clean dusty floors!

  • Industrial Ride Sweeper-Scrubber: One of the most effective floor cleaning machines is the ASC 7765™ Industrial Rider Sweeper-ScrubberThis powerhouse of a floor cleaner combines the functions of two machines, cleaning your large warehouses in no time. It comes with an independent dry sweeper system to remove any dust, debris, or other particles from the floor, along with a scrubber to eliminate tough stains and dirt streaks.
  • MEP Sweeper with Exclusive Dust Control: This manual push sweeper with innovative dust-control technology doesn’t even need batteries or electricity to power it! The MEP Sweeper is the world’s first dust control machine that is fuelled by manual power alone. It has a lifespan of 15+ years and will revolutionize your warehouse floor cleaning from day 1.

  • Bin Vac Sweeper: Are you tired of watching your cleanings blow dust and debris around the warehouse in attempts to ‘clean’ dusty floors? ASC Australia has the perfect solution!

    The ASC Bin Vac 250 is a massive one-up from your typical petrol blowers that do a terrible job tackling debris. It is specially designed to suck up just about anything, from paper to cans, glass bottles, pine needles, and even litter! 

    The machine automatically sweeps and packs all the trash and debris into sealed bins in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually or using a blower.

  • Eureka Scrubber-Dryer: The Eureka is another advancement in the world of warehouse floor cleaning. This scrubber-dryer combo is a fast, compact, and effective machine that answers all your questions on how to clean warehouse floors. You can use this scrubber for four non-stop working hours due to the highly-optimized design that allows efficient energy consumption. The best part is that it has no bulky parts that are usually a nightmare to get through the doors or into the storage area!

  • Mini Street Sweeper and Leaf Sucker: Lastly, we have the Dulevo mini street sweeper and leaf sucker combination. With a commendable hourly output paired with immense ease of manoeuvrability, this machine is the epitome of ergonomic, user-friendly sweepers that make cleaning large warehouse floors quite comfortable.

    This mini sweeper has an impressive sweeping width of 160 cm and a high-capacity hopper along with a 220-litre water tank for perfect cleaning. It is designed with state-of-the-art stability and safety protocols to ensure that the machine maintains its position even when fully loaded and travels across steep gradients with no difficulty.