How to Clean Mining & Construction Sites with Ease

Updated on Monday, August 22, 2022

Construction Site Cleaning With ASC

Cleaning a mining and construction site can be challenging because there’s usually a lot of hazardous waste at these sites. However, this process can be much easier when you have the right equipment and know what to do. If you’re looking for mining and construction cleaning solutions, here’s what you need to know.

Keep Your Waste Organised

Some of the waste in a mining or construction site can be recycled for creating other materials, while some toxic materials will need proper disposal. It’s best that you organise your waste properly so that you know what needs to be recycled or disposed of. Make designated waste sites on your construction site. You can use a dumpster or an entire area cordoned off with plastic fences. Within the waste areas, put up labels for certain materials over the dumpsters, e.g., one dumpster for sawdust. Encourage your construction workers to add waste diligently, so that you prevent any possible risks.

Purchase the Appropriate Equipment

You must make sure that your team of construction workers uses the correct equipment when cleaning a mining construction site. This includes power tools, excavation tools, appropriate wear (including hazard masks and suits when handling toxic waste), and proper transportation. You should make sure that your company dedicates a significant proportion of your annual budget to the cleaning process. If you don’t, your company and your customers/clients will suffer.

You can either rent or purchase a sweeper machine for cleaning the floors on your construction site. This machine will remove all of the excess dust, wood chippings, and other loose materials off the floors. You can either get machines that you push manually or that you can drive around. You can choose one according to the size of your site and your allocated budget.

Create a Passage to Access the Work Site

To ensure that the waste collection and disposal at your construction site doesn’t affect the efficiency of the work, you make the work site easily accessible by your workers. You can do that by creating a passageway that allows them to walk to and fro from the work and disposal sites.

Have a Proper Disposal Delivery System

An important part of the mining and construction industry cleaning is the disposal system. It’s common for a mining site to have some toxic waste materials present. In that case, you have to make sure that your company is disposing of the waste in a safe and environment-friendly way. This involves what vehicles are used for transporting the waste and where it is dropped off. You must follow all of the appropriate standards set by the state when disposing (of) waste. This will prevent you from running into problems later on. In the case of recycled material, make sure that you transport them to the appropriate recycling centres.

Not all of the waste at a construction site needs to be disposed of—a lot of it can be recycled to make other products. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as a contractor to know how each material should be treated and disposed of.