How to Keep Construction Sites Clean With Sweeper Machines?

Updated on Friday, November 12, 2021

Construction sites are bound to be dirty due to all the dust and debris that goes into the process of construction. Shreds of broken flooring tiles lying around & cement dust may cause respiratory issues which need to be addressed. Harmful objects like scrap wood, pointy screws and building material laying idle do create work accidents.

Keeping a construction site clean and free of trip hazards can be quite a challenge. Moreover, the trash is always present on the site due to irregular garbage runs, which result in trash piles, and smells that leave a very bad impact on everyone around. All this trash, dust, and debris accumulation can pose serious hazards to site employees, and hence the management is left with the serious issue of ‘how to clean floors while construction is ongoing?’ If such issues aren’t handled carefully, they can lead to issues like employee job dissatisfaction, EPA fines & compensation lawsuits.

The Solution

The solution to this issue is simple; invest in professional floor cleaning equipment such as construction & street sweepers. Many different types of construction sweepers are available on the market. They range from emission-free sweepers to sweepers with an effective dust filtration system that can easily clean any construction site. The emission-free versions are designed to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices on the construction site. The construction sweepers are maneuverable to fit any construction site. The construction sweepers use a powerful vacuum to suck all contaminants. No matter large the dust particles or debris are a powerful sweeper will remove nails, gypsum, cement residue, and flooring shards in a single run.

The construction sweepers are designed and manufactured for sustaining the harshest of weather conditions. As the construction sites are bare and shelterless at the beginning, where these machines are exposed to the weather, their robust design enables them to withstand these conditions while performing their function exceptionally well. In a nutshell, if you wish to keep your construction site clean, presentable as well as safe for your workforce, it is highly recommended that you invest in an easy-to-use and high-performing construction sweeper and make the whole construction procedure smooth, safe, and labour efficient.

Benefits of Investing in a Sweeper for your construction site

A construction site is home to all kinds of dust and debris that include rocks, paper, insulation offcuts, gypsum, nails, metal objects, foam, electrical cabling, cement dust, and a lot more. Water is another significant problem as it gets dispersed in open pockets of concrete, mainly from rain that enters the building sites resulting in slippage and potential electrical issues. A sturdy and reliable sweeper is the only answer to all these issues because it helps keep the site clean and avoids the dust, debris and other issues from building up.

  • Cement dust is very light and gets airborne very quickly. The effective filtration system built into the industrial construction sweepers uses water sprays to avoid the cement dust from getting airborne. As the construction sites are open and have crosswinds travel through them 24/7, cement dust does crate havoc while creating a fog-like environment.
  • Besides being a hindrance to work, the airborne dust poses serious health issues and breathing problems for the workers. Plus, this dust can get blown into the faces and eyes of workers, which compound safety issues, creating a hazardous work environment that is against the health and safety standards.
  • As an employer, you need to find a solution to these issues to ensure a safe working environment and adherence to statutory codes of Occupational Health and Safety Policies which are seen & located laminated on all building sites.

Why choose ASC for your Construction Sweeper?

Australia Sweeper Corporation (ASC) has earned the reputation of market leader when it comes to commercial & industrial cleaning equipment. With over three decades of experience in client dealings that ensure customer satisfaction, they are equipped with the right knowledge and expertise to guide you in the right direction.

The machines offered by the company undergo strict quality assurance and testing for long-term use. They are durable & can be put to use at any scale. Here are some reasons why you should purchase from them:

  • An ASC-approved sweeper collects all the debris & dust efficiently.
  • ASC sweepers use heavy-duty dust controls systems designed to collect and trap all dust without making it airborne.
  • The ASC-approved cement grade sweepers are very popular in the construction industry and are seen in high-rise construction sites.
  • These ASC sweepers ensure zero dust emission, a clean floor with a proven track of up to 16 times more efficient cleaning, hence saving valuable time and money.
  • The ASC water-based scrubbing machines are also used successfully to scrub clean lanolin, tile and polished concrete floors. These machines remove dust, tire marks, gypsum, and cement dust off these surfaces to ensure a clean and dust-free look.
  • They have high-capacity water tanks that can help eliminate countless hours of manual mopping and sucking using traditional vacuums. They are also excellent at picking up water spillage using cord-free machines. This makes them safe to use.
  • All ASC sweepers and scrubbers come in a variety of sizes and power modes. They range from LPG, battery, petrol and electric models. Therefore, you can purchase the required form of machinery based on company and sustainability practices.
  • The ASC construction sweepers and scrubbers are affordable, reliable, and relatively cheap to run, and save vast sums of money in labour costs.

Bottom Line

As a construction sweeper is a one-time investment, you should always try to choose the most reliable and proven sweeper for your business. You must consider the scale of your operation, the size of your site and the intensity of dust, debris and trash on your construction site in order to make the right choice. Weigh in all the points and then choose wisely. You can visit the ASC website for information on sweepers, or you can get in touch with one of our consultants for finding the perfect solution. We operate in Oceanic countries and offer the purchase of used machines if you are low on budget.