How To Remove Tyre Marks Using Effective Cleaning Machines?

Updated on Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Effective Cleaning MachinesYou would never like your business partners and prospects to come to see your warehouse as poorly maintained or dirty. A clean and tidy warehouse isn’t just great for an improved impression and feel, but it also helps you meet the health and safety criteria. Besides, the appearance and maintenance of your warehouse or industrial flooring reflect your business’ standards and professionalism.

As the industrial floors and warehouses are subject to multiple activities daily, their maintenance and cleanliness become a challenging task. The tyre marks from forklifts and loading vehicles are particularly very annoying and stubborn, making your floors look extremely untidy. The biggest challenge in all this is that the tyre marks can be nearly impossible to get rid of unless you have the right equipment and machinery for it.

For that matter, designing a cleaning regimen for effective tyre mark removal is the key to keep your commercial/industrial floors clean and maintained.

Causes of Tyre Marks

The forklifts that are so commonly used on the factory and warehouse floors use tyres made from the universal rubber compound. These tyres tend to leave behind marks on the flooring because of friction. These rubber tyres have an additive that heats up due to the friction, which leaves behind marks on the underlying floors. Non-marking tyre alternatives are available in the market; however, they have a shorter life span and are more costly, so they aren’t preferred. Hence you are left with only the option of looking for the right rubber tyre mark removal gear.

Why you should remove tyre marks from your business premises?

Here are a few reasons that you should ensure to remove the tyre marks from your business premises:

1. Return on investment (ROI): Keeping your premises clean will help you showcase your business core values like professionalism and maintenance in front of your prospects and partners in the right light.

A well-kept and clean floor will display high levels of professionalism and attentiveness to stakeholders and investors. Such a high level of competence is fruitful in pleasing clients and maintaining a healthy return on investment.

2. Health and Safety Standards: Cracking floors and wet puddles left unattended are a source of accidents and spills. Employees refuse to work in an unsafe environment where accidents are a common occurrence. It is the responsibility of the management to provide a safe working environment for the workers. An unhealthy and unsafe work surrounding will mean a high employee turnover rate with very little job satisfaction.

When you will ensure the removal of all the dust, debris, and tyre marks from your floors, your premises will comply with the health and safety standards making it easier for your employees to work and thrive.  

3. Excellent for First Impression: Keeping your premises clean and maintained is the right start to show your visitors your seriousness regarding the maintenance of high standards when it comes to your business. Say you have a new investor who is interested in contributing to the industry capital. The moment they see the wet and unkempt floor of the industry, they might pull out of the investment. Every minute detail counts for pleasing visitors and guests potentially interested in contributing to the industry’s growth.

4. Pride: A well-kept floor is an indication of caring management. The attention to detail, well-kept flooring, and smooth running machinery is a source of achievement to the middle line management. It keeps the managerial staff motivated and keeps the employees safe, as they know they are working in a safe environment. 

Choosing the Right Cleaning Gear

As deduced, you require an efficient cleaning regimen for keeping the floors of your commercial and industrial floors and warehouses clean and maintained. We recommend the use of heavy-duty sweepers and scrubber driers, for that matter.

These heavy-duty machines present the ideal solution when it comes to the removal of stubborn tyre markings. All you will need to do is couple your equipment with suitable cleaning liquids, and you will be able to remove these marks effectively from your floors. The ride-on cleaning machines are particularly effective in this regard.

When it comes to managing your industrial or warehouse floor appearance and meeting the health and safety standards, the tyre marks of the forklifts and loading vehicles are the biggest issue. Moreover, if you have a reflective flor, these markings can look very ugly, not to forget that they would compromise the performance of your floor surfaces. This is why we recommend you use a heavy-duty ride-on scrubber drier for such surfaces.

The ASC’s Eureka E110 is among the most robust as well as maneuverable among the ride-on scrubber dryers. It is among the top cleaning equipment that can easily clean the most difficult floor jobs while making the process less time-consuming as well as ensuring the removal of stubborn tyre marks. This machine is literally the best choice when you have a fast-paced workplace and requires regular cleaning for meeting safety, health, and appearance standards. The scrubber is equipped with clean and recovery tanks of large capacities along with an auto-dosing chemical system and the heaviest pressure of brushes. It is ideal for businesses with large floor areas because it conveniently provides 5-6 hours of runtime.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, keeping your premises clean and maintained is crucial for the reputation as well as the success of your business. For that matter, you must ensure to eliminate the dust, debris, and tyre marks from your flooring to make it look presentable for the visitors and safe for the employees to work. ASC is among the top manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning equipment with a proven track record across the globe. Your business and staff deserve the best to reach their full potential. Go ahead and visit our website to explore your options, or give us a call for a consultation!