How To Use Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment – Step by Step Guide

Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment Updated on Monday, June 1, 2020

Due to the daily corrosion that industrial floors are subjected to, they require special care in order to remain intact and last long. Hence, using commercial cleaning equipment, including industrial floor cleaners, is necessary to maintain and ensure the longevity of industrial and commercial floor establishments.

Industrial floors require proper care at all points of their life cycle, from construction to daily use. This entails the use of proper cleaning procedures and techniques for maintaining the integrity of industrial floors. An industrial floor sweeper is necessary in this regard. Besides allowing the floor to cope with daily heavy use, cleaning and maintenance of industrial floors also help companies to conform to relevant safety standards. However, the kind of cleaning method and equipment that is to be used depends on the type and texture of the floor. Read on to learn more about them:

Industrial floor Cleaning and Safety 101

Although cleaning helps maintain the aesthetic value of industrial floors, safety is the top reason for cleaning them regularly. Industrial floors are generally subjected to all types of forces and substances that may deteriorate the floor surface. For example, heavy force may be applied on these floors through the movement of heavy machinery, stock and worker traffic. Similarly, all kinds of substances can spill on to the floor surface, such as oils and grease. Hence, floor cleaning can ensure the safety of workers and allow operations to proceed smoothly without any hindrances.

Unclean floor surfaces that have oils, grease and various chemical spilt onto them pose a safety hazard both to workers and transport equipment. If not cleaned, they can cause injuries and damage the equipment.

In addition to ensuring the safety of workers and the protection of equipment, floor maintenance can also help preserve the value of the plant in which it is located.

There are two main methods that are commonly used to clean industrial floors. Here is how to use a floor cleaner in an industrial environment.

One-Step Technique

Begin with scrubbing the floor using a cleaning agent. During the same time, you can clear off the dirt that comes loose. You can do this in one pass using the same machine.

Two-Step Technique

The first step involves covering the whole area with the cleaning agent and water. The second step is to clean up the solution using a cleaning machine.


Most industrial floors are made from the screed. The material is continuous and smooth and it is compressed to impart durability. The material initially exists in the form of a smooth paste that must be applied and then allowed to set. The application may be carried out by direct pouring or troweling. There are different kinds of screed available. Since each type has its unique characteristics, they have their own treatment methods for cleaning.

Cement Screed – This is the most commonly found screed in industry. Since it can withstand large forces, it can withstand heavy traffic. However, its main weakness is that it is not as resistant to acids, alkalis and chemical attack. With spillages, the screed will start wearing off at some places and thus become harder to clean.

Calcium Sulfate Screed – This kind of screed provides a very hard, compact and smooth surface. The material is almost poreless. Calcium sulphate screed consists of a binder together with calcium sulphate in the anhydrous form. The main weakness of this screed is that it is sensitive to water. Hence, it must not be exposed to water for too long; otherwise, it might deteriorate. This is why only the one-step technique is suitable for this industrial floor.

Magnesium Screed – Magnesium screed is also called magnesite screed. It comprises magnesium chloride together with binder components that produce a very hard-wearing material. Although the material is wear-resistant, it is sensitive to moisture. Hence, only the one-step method is suitable for this screed.

Surface Treatment

The surface of the industrial floor should be treated according to the type of material it is made from and the load that is subjected to. The surface treatment is the first step in maintenance since the right option can reduce dust formation and hinder moisture and dirt from penetrating too quickly.

The type of coating used should be taken into account. For instance, seamless floors are commonly laid out that is made up of polyurethane, epoxy resin and synthetic resin. Although these materials have high chemical resistance, they are also susceptible to mechanical cleaning equipment, such as wire brushes and black pads. They may also be sensitive to solvents.

Taking these key factors into consideration, you can move on to the actual cleaning process.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning makes use of wet scrubbing to clear out encrusted dirt, grease and oil. This method requires scrubber driers that have a roller scrubbing head. If the floor covering allows, you can also use the two-step method. You should carry out this method carefully to prevent the floor from becoming too wet.

Cover the surface that needs to be cleaned with the help of a scrubber drier. Using a cleaning agent, scrub the area multiple times until the dirt gets loose.

Clear out the dirty water with the help of the suction device. You can now use the one-step method to clean the area.

You can also use alkaline deep cleaners to remove grease, oil as well as protective films. You can dilute the solution, depending on how dirty the surface is.

Before carrying out such cleaning, make sure that you understand the kind of screed that has been used on the floor. Avoid using the two-step method for floors that are sensitive to water.

Daily Maintenance

How to use sweeper for daily maintenance? For routine maintenance, you can employ the one-step technique. For removing light soiling, fit the appropriate pads or scrubbing brushes onto the scrubber drier.  You can use lower speeds for the roller brush and reduced contact pressure.

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