ASC Dulevo 850 Sweeper

Features & Equipment

Kubota 4 Cylinder water cooled diesel - 24.2 KW.
Rear traction with two hydraulic motors.
Centrally articulated assisted power steering.
Homologated lighting system.
Single seat cabin with heater & extensive glass.
2 front side brooms near the suction intake.
Variable sweep path from 1400mm to 1600mm.
Hydraulically driven high head suction fan.
Stainless steel water tank - 220 litres capacity.
Spray nozzles on side brooms & intake hose.
Accessible suction hose & suction intake with flap.
Waste hopper volume 800 litres.
Rear hydraulic dumping at 1500mm.
Tools, operating/maintenance & spares catalogue.
Air conditioning system.
Left Hand side broom unit

ASC DULEVO 850 Push Sweeper Technical Data

Hopper Capacity Lt. 800
Total Sweeping Path cm 160
Maximum Cleaning Capacity sq. mt/hr 19,000
Dump mm 0-150
Travel Speed km/ph 0-30
Power Source Diesel

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