Technical Specifications

The D.zero² suction sweeper was designed by following the most modern concepts of ergonomics, usability and performance. It is distinguished by its versatility: it has a variable cleaning track and patented suction outlet, thus it adapts itself perfectly to tight spaces while also still covering large surface areas.

Feature Value
Length 4495 mm
Width 1440 mm
Height (max) 2150 mm
Seats in cabin 2
Minimum sweeping width 1750 mm
Maximum sweeping width 3200 mm
Cleaning performance 25200 m²/h
Water tank 220 l
Dust control system 5 Stage
Waste Container Capacity 2,1 m³
Dumping height 1450 mm
Maximum speed 25 Km/h
Battery type Li Fe PO4
Autonomy (UNI EN 15429) 8 hours