Nyrstar’s Major Win With ASC

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Nyrstar & TLAP recently placed an order with ASC in what is believed to be the Australia’s largest single industrial order for sweeping machines.

The order included 4 large Capacity Lead specific Street Sweepers, 2 petrol driven footpath sweepers as well as 2 pedestrian sweepers to be used around the Port Pirie School areas.

The new ASC fleet replaced street suction machines that were used previously on both sites with limited success.

The new fleet was rolled out in late October and will serve both the Hobart (Tasmania)and Port Pirie (South Australia) locations in a drive to reduce laden lead levels.

The project was directed Nyrstar’s European based CEO who wanted both facilities to meet world class air quality standards.

ASC’s Tony Bilos was involved in the project and was quoted as saying “it was a major win for Nyrstar to get such proven & purpose built equipment. Each machine was individually configured & modified to meet Nyrstar’s specific site needs”.

The new ASC Lead sweepers were designed meet Nyrstar’s strict EPA air quality standards. Their install will make a notable difference to the air quality of both Nyrstar employees and local residents alike.

The new Lead sweepers were all fitted with Gore PM 10 Dust filtering systems which ASC has used successfully to eliminate dust problems on many mining sites across Australia. The Gore dust filters are designed to work in dusty environments for up to 5 years & are certified to meet stringent global dust control emissions.

The ASC Gore Dust Filtration systems once fitted on ASC sweepers are particularly successful in combating harmful airborne dust. Typically the worst dust to sweep include coal, lead, copper concentrate, iron ore, alumina and cement.

Most mining / manufacturing sites across Australia and New Zealand with this kind of dust successfully use ASC approved sweepers with Gore dust filtration systems on them.

The Nyrstar sweepers were also configured with non-corrosive metal components in the brush and hopper compaction areas. All the units were designed with left hand drive steering systems.

ASC Sydney based technicians commissioned and run service schools on both Hobart and Port Pirie sites.

Pictured below are a few examples of the type of surfaces that will be swept around the clock, day and night.

The handover of the project which took nearly 9 months to procure & commission.

This took place while Covid was playing havoc on logistics chains both in Europe and Australia.

The new ASC Sweepers are playing their part in improving air quality in both towns while maximising labour efficiency.