On-board vacuum cleaner for ASC E series ride-on sweepers.

ASC Eureka Sweeper With On-Board Vacuum Cleaner 1 Updated on Monday, October 15, 2018

For quick and convenient cleaning of hard to reach places.

ASC Eureka Sweeper With On-Board Vacuum Cleaner 1

The foundation of operation for every sweeper is made up of three elements: brushes, vacuum motor and filter. The installation of these components on a robust and agile vehicle, permits deep cleaning of different floor types and areas.

Industrial vacuum cleaners deliver precise cleaning, with a flexible hose which reaches hidden angles. However, they have limited mobility and productivity (measured in m2/hour) is dramatically reduced.

To ensure every cleaning operation is fast and efficient, even during detailed work, ASC Eureka has designed a Vacuum Cleaner Upgrade which is installed directly on-board our ride-on sweeper range.

Key benefits of having a vacuum cleaner on-board your sweeper are:

  • No time wasted to transport a standard vacuum cleaner unit to the area being cleaned.
  • The on-board vacuum cleaner has an independent and powerful motor and a high-capacity hose.
  • The power supply to the vacuum cleaner is connected to the sweeper, therefore there’s no need to manage a battery or power cord.
  • Greater safety: the operator doesn’t need to manually move the vacuum cleaner, eliminating the risk of strain injuries.
  • No time wasted by the operator retracing the sweepers path.
  • No risk of forgetting where it is necessary to carry out detailed work.
  • Operation and maintenance of one machine, instead of two.