Own A Sweeper Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Types Of Industrial Sweepers Updated on Monday, June 3, 2019

various commercial cleaning equipments

More and more businesses are realising that commercial cleaning equipment has many benefits. The advantages include improving workplace productivity, efficiency and safety, which in turn aids business operations and results in a more successful business model.

While buying commercial cleaning equipment is a costly commitment that many businesses cannot justify for their facilities, ASC has a solution to suit everyone – and any budget.

What is commercial cleaning equipment, and who is it for?

Commercial cleaning equipment is an excellent addition to many facilities. Industrial floor sweepers, for example, can greatly benefit an array of spaces (public and private), helping businesses to uphold high health and safety standards, improve productivity and accelerate business reputation and integrity.

The indoor facilities and spaces that can benefit from using commercial cleaning equipment include retail spaces, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, airports, hospitals, museums, hotels, libraries, etc. as well as indoor industrial spaces such as factories and warehouses.  Commercial cleaning equipment can also benefit operations in outdoor spaces and facilities such as airport runways, construction sites, car parks, leisure parks and more.

Cleaning machines are available in multiple sizes and styles (including walk-behind and ride-on) and can be either diesel, petrol, LPG or battery-powered. Different facilities require different types of commercial cleaning machines, dependent on size, function, and whether the space in question is indoor or outdoor.

High-quality and high-powered commercial cleaners are advanced machines that can greatly improve business operations. They are efficient, easy to use and easy to maneuver thanks to their intelligent design. Therefore, comparatively, they are a much better option for businesses than employing manual cleaning practices, as using a commercial cleaning machine on-site saves time, increases workplace productivity and guarantees that the job is done properly.

How can your business afford a commercial cleaning machine?

Due to the intelligent and intricate design of these powerful machines, businesses may be put off by their large price tags, and therefore miss out on their many benefits. This could have detrimental effects on the success of a business, especially if a competitor is utilising specialist commercial cleaning equipment and experiencing excellent results. However, with ASC, there are ways that all businesses can jump on the cleaning bandwagon without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

See below for options on how ASC can allow your business to reap the rewards of commercial cleaning equipment (without burning a hole in your pocket).

  • Buy a used commercial floor cleaning machine

Buying a second-hand cleaning machine will cost considerably less than buying one new. Used floor cleaning machines from ASC do not lack in quality just because they have been used before. In fact, ASC used floor sweepers are so durable, high-performing and reliable that you can be confident that a second-hand machine will give impressive results.

  • Rent or lease a commercial cleaning machine

With ASC you can rent high-quality cleaning machines at your own convenience, which is a great option for many businesses. You also have the opportunity to lease commercial cleaning equipment over a 3-5 year period with a finance plan of fixed monthly repayments.

  • Buy new and keep forever

If, after weighing up your options, you have come to the conclusion that it is imperative your business or facility has a commercial cleaning machine on-site at all times, due to the many advantages it will have, then you should consider the investment potential of buying a machine outright. It may be expensive, but if your business owned its own machine, which was always on your premises as and when you need it, you will save your business time, hassle and even money in the long run. Better yet, all ASC machines come with warranty maintenance, repair and servicing.

Making the right choice for your business

ASC is committed to providing the best cleaning solution for your business. Whether your business requires a high-powered floor sweeper on-site at all times, or whether it makes more sense to rent industrial cleaning machines for short periods, ASC has an option suitable for you, so enquire today.