Although many businesses prefer to own an asset outright, sweeper rentals in Australia can be a good option, especially for those who do not have funds available to invest in a large asset. So whether your business is looking for a floor scrubber rental or a floor sweeper rental, ASC’s rental solutions have you covered.

With ASC floor cleaning machines rental, there are no up-front costs, only flat monthly payments paid over an agreed term. When the rental term ceases, a customer can choose to renew the rental agreement and upgrade their existing equipment with the latest model. Whether you’re interested in a floor sweeper rental or an industrial scrubber rental, ASC has the right industrial & Commercial cleaning equipment solution for you.

When considering floor cleaning machines rental and commercial floor scrubber rental, another advantage to renting is because maintenance is included, businesses avoid any extra expenses and downtime that can occur with company-owned equipment.

Many businesses also opt to rent sweepers and scrubbers because these items tend to quickly depreciate and renting avoids the problem of upkeep and disposal costs. So a customer who rents a sweeper or scrubber in Australia simply returns the old equipment to ASC. Please contact ASC for your floor sweeper hire and floor scrubber industrial floor hire specific requirements.

  • ASC Short term Rental

    • ASC offers equipment on a short term rental (minimum 1 month) to clients who are approved based on meeting specific ASC criteria.
    • The units offered for rent are delivered to site by authorized ASC staff.
    • Machine operators are fully inducted on the proper use of the machines by approved ASC staff.
    • The ASC machines delivered to sites are fully maintained and guaranteed to meet the client’s needs.
    • Any damage to the machines through abuse of misuse will be charged additional to the rental fee.
    • Payments of short term rental are paid upfront.
    • These units are subject to availability.
    • ASC short term rental may not be available in some parts of Australia.
  • ASC Long Term Rental

    • ASC is a specialist long term rental company. Please visit our scrubber rentals Australia case studies section on our web site.
    • A long term rental is where a company engages with ASC to provide either a floor sweeper or a floor scrubber on a long term 3, 4 or 5 years fixed hire fee.
    • This rental fee includes full maintenance.
    • ASC agrees to supply the recommended sweeper or scrubber, deliver the machine to the site, train staff and maintain the equipment to a high level throughout the term of the rental.
    • This type of rental takes all the maintenance headaches away from a user as the machine is always functional and all pre-determined maintenance is taken care of by ASC.
    • For your sites specific industrial sweeper rental and commercial floor scrubber rental requirements please contact ASC Rentals Department today.

    With leasing the overall financial output is slightly more compared to renting however, at the end of the term a customer is transferred ownership of the equipment. When renting, the equipment is fully maintained and serviced, but is returned to ASC at the end of the agreement period. If a rental agreement is renewed, new equipment will be supplied.



MiniLease is a residual finance lease offered by ASC to our business customers. Sole traders, companies, partnerships, corporate or government entities and home businesses can lease our machines over an agreed specified term of 3-5 years. Although only agreed-upon monthly repayments are required, clients can choose to pay the predetermined residual asset value at the end of the lease thereby receiving full ownership of the equipment.


    Customers can select a 3,4, or 5-year lease terms to suit their budget - the longer the term, the lower the monthly payments.
    The residual is predetermined, making the leasing agreement transparent, with no additional costs, apart from a prepayment equivalent to 1 month's lease payment.
    No deposit is required.


    Because under a residual lease, equipment is used for business or income production, its payments are typically tax-deductible.
    This tax deductibility combined with fixed monthly payments further helps commercial users manage their budgets.
    For quick approval over the phone, call us on 1800 650 989 and we will take care of the rest.
    At ASC we specialise in tailoring the best finance leasing plan or full rental plan to your company’s benefit. Please make contact with ASC to discuss the most suitable scrubber and sweeper rentals solution in Australia for your business.

Commercial Hire

Commercial Hire

With this type of finance, you hire and use the asset until the last payment. When you make the final instalment, title of the asset transfers to you. You can tailor payment options, including the loan period, deposit and larger final balloon payment. To help manage your cash flow, structured payments can be established according to your firm’s particular financial circumstances.


Chattel Mortgages are a popular finance solution where the loan agreement is secured by the purchased asset because buyers own the asset from the outset. You can tailor your loan payments by choosing the term - typically up to five years. Other payment options can include a deposit and a larger final instalment. You can also creatively structure payments to free up cash flow at the times of year you need it most.
Finance Lease

Finance Lease

With a Finance Lease, the financier owns the asset, however the leasing party is responsible for disposal of the asset at end of term. This type of lease can benefit businesses that need the latest vehicles or equipment without tying up a large amount of capital. You can choose lease payments in advance or arrears and in terms up to five years. A residual value is required in line with the asset's use and the Australian Taxation Office's guidelines.
Operating Leases

Operating Leases

Operating Leases can be used to fund a number of different assets. Payments towards this type of finance can sometimes be considered operating costs and will not appear as a liability on balance sheets. With this type of finance, the financier retains ownership over the asset and the client returns it at the end of the term, usually from 12 months to 5 years. When leasing an asset, the fixed monthly payments typically cover, tyres, scheduled servicing and maintenance. For a small business, an Operating Lease can furnish them with what they need operationally without adversely affecting them financially.