Ride-On Sweeper – What Things You Should Keep in Mind While Purchasing

Updated on Friday, February 12, 2021

Ride-on Sweeper Machine

A ride-on sweeper is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to clean large floor areas and outdoor spaces. Ride-on sweepers come in many varieties, from smaller models for indoor floor spaces, right through to the street sweepers you see cleaning our roads.

If you’re planning on purchasing a ride-on sweeper, there are certain things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing the right ride-on sweeper for your requirements.

What Power Source Will It Use?

When selecting a ride-on sweeper, the type of power source it runs on could be the deciding factor, as will the environment in which it will be used. For example, battery-powered models are the optimum choice for zones where exhaust fumes really aren’t wanted. This could be enclosed spaces or areas around food and beverages.

Other models of ride-on sweeper run on petrol or diesel. These are popular models for large open spaces or outdoor use, where exhaust fumes and added noise don’t present a problem. Battery-powered models are quieter and cleaner, but obviously, require charging.

What Type Of Surface Will the Sweeper Be Cleaning?

When considering purchasing a ride-on sweeper, the type of surface it’ll be used on has to also come into consideration. While sweepers are built very versatile for different surfaces, some models are specifically designed to perform best on certain surface types. As an example, there are models designed to clean carpets, while others are better suited to hard floors, such as tiles or concrete.

How Big Is Your Area?

The size and model of ride-on sweeper you go for will largely depend on the amount of floor surface area that needs to be regularly cleaned. You also need to take into consideration whether your sweeper machine will be used both indoors and outdoors.

If you’re planning on cleaning large expanses of outdoor space – such as a parking lot, for example – you’ll want to choose a larger and more robust model of a sweeper than what you might employ inside a warehouse or factory. If your workspace requires both areas to be cleaned and you don’t want to have two sweepers, then ask your supplier for a sweeper that can handle both without any problems.

Is the Sweeper Easy To Operate?

Chances are, one of the members of your staff will be operating the sweeper. Therefore, rather than extensive training being required to learn how to drive it and use the sweeper’s functions, you’ll want to acquire a model that’s easy to use.

What you’ll want to look out for is an interface that’s intuitive, easy to understand when it comes to all facets of sweeper operation, and a machine that is simple to manoeuvre; particularly when it comes to tight spaces.

A model that’s comfortable to ride on is also something to consider.

Sweeper Filtration Is Highly Important

What you don’t want is a floor sweeper that actually ends up creating more mess than it cleans up. In other words, if the sweeper doesn’t have an effective way of trapping the dust and debris it sweeps up, and a filtration system that prevents dust spewing back out into the environment, it’s not going to be doing the job efficiently.

Quality sweepers will have exceptional dust and debris collection, along with filtration systems that keep the air clean. This is especially important when using sweeper indoors.


How easy is the sweeper to look after? Does it make short work of cleaning the floors, but then the worker has to spend ages cleaning and looking after the sweeper?

You’ll want a model that’s generally low-maintenance, easy to take care of and one that’s ready to be put into action any time you need it.

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