Scrubber or Sweeper – Which One Is Right For You? Here Is a Complete Guide

Updated on Friday, March 27, 2020

Industrial Floor Sweepers and Scrubbers

Industrial sweepers and scrubbers are two of the most common cleaning machines to clean industrial sites. Each device has a specific function. If you’re looking for a great cleaning device for your industrial site, here’s what you should know about each machine.

Industrial Sweepers Are Great for Removing Dry Powdered Waste

An industrial floor sweeper is designed to remove all powdered material at an industrial or construction site. Therefore, the sweeping machine will sweep up sawdust, concrete dust, and excess dust. It has a vacuum pre-installed in it, so it sweeps and vacuums the space at the same time. The waste is stored in a bag inside the device. You’ll have to clean it out just before it gets full.

Industrial sweepers are perfect for construction sites because there is a lot of dry loose dirt present there. Also, construction sites are generally large open spaces. That is why an industrial sweeper is ideal for this space; it works fast and covers a lot of area without moving. For large construction spaces, you should use a sweeper that allows a worker to sit and drive. These industrial sweepers are called ride-on sweepers. They’re pretty easy to use, so your workers can begin using it as soon as they have access to it.

The good thing about a ride on street sweeper is that it covers more space in less time. It’s also more efficient because the person handling it won’t feel fatigued. This would not be the case if your workers used a sweeper that needs to be pushed manually (commonly known as walk-behind sweepers). That said, a walk-behind sweeper is good for reaching those hard to reach areas. This is because it’s less clunky than a ride on sweeper and ensures better maneuverability.

Industrial Scrubbers Are Great For Cleaning Stains and Spills

An industrial scrubber works in the same way as a street sweeper, i.e., it has brushes and a pre-installed vacuum machine. The significant difference between these two devices is that a floor sweeper scrubber has a container that you can fill with water and cleaning solution. This allows you to wet the floor with the cleaning solution and scrub it simultaneously. This way, it can remove stains like paint, chemicals, and grime. This scrubber is ideal for an industrial space in which there’s a lot of liquid spillages.

An industrial scrubber also comes in two variants like sweepers: a ride on scrubber and a walk-behind scrubber. A ride one scrubber is ideal for large industrial spaces, and walk-behinds are better for smaller spaces.

To ensure that your industrial site stays clean and safe at all times, you should consider purchasing or renting both industrial sweepers and scrubbers. There’s a good chance that both dry and wet waste will be present at your industrial site.