Steps to Prepare Your Floors for Scrubbing

best floor cleaning practices Updated on Thursday, May 19, 2022

best floor cleaning practices

If you want to cleanse your floors thoroughly, you can use a floor scrubber to help remove dirt and stains. Industrial floor cleaning equipment is an effective way to clean various spaces. However, it’s important to select the right cleaner and prepare your floors before scrubbing. If you’re interested in scrubbing your floors, here are some steps you can take.

Research Best Practices

Various floor types suit different cleaning equipment and solutions, so you should take time to research the best floor cleaning practices. For example, some types of flooring, such as unsealed wood, should not be cleaned with water. Make sure you choose a cleaning system that will not damage your flooring. You should also account for the size and shape of the space you’re cleaning. You can use a mop or sponge to clean smaller areas. If you need to cleanse a large, open area that receives frequent traffic, you can use a floor scrubbing machine for efficient deep cleaning.

Select Cleaning Machines

If you decide to use industrial cleaning equipment, you must select the right machine for your flooring. For cleaning a large indoor space with hard surface flooring, try using a floor scrubber. You can also look into floor sweepers for clearing debris, especially outdoors. Floor cleaning machines come in a variety of sizes, and larger equipment is suitable for larger areas. Furthermore, you can get a ride-on floor scrubber with seating if you need to clean a big space such as a warehouse. You can also get a larger tank size to hold more cleaning solutions.

Prepare Your Equipment

Once you’ve chosen your machine, you should order any necessary cleaning solutions your floor scrubber uses. If your floor scrubber needs to be charged, you should do so before you begin cleaning. Locate safe outlets if you need to plug in your equipment. You should also find appropriate places to obtain water and dump waste before you start scrubbing the floor. For safe and efficient scrubbing, experts in floor cleaning recommend planning out your route ahead of time when using industrial equipment.

Clear the Work Area

You should clear the area of dust, dirt, and garbage before using a floor cleaning machine. Remove any furniture or other items from the space and dispose of any rubbish. Often it is recommended that you sweep the floor prior to using an industrial floor scrubber. You should try to conduct the floor scrubbing during a time when there will be few people in the space. For example, if you are trying to clean the floor of a store, you can do the scrubbing overnight or on a day when the store is closed.

Operate Machines Safely

When operating a floor cleaning machine for industrial use, following safe practices is crucial. Check your equipment for any abnormalities prior to use, as a faulty floor scrubber could damage your flooring. Furthermore, you should not use a floor cleaning machine that seems to have electrical connectivity issues. If your floor scrubber connects to a water system, you should check for leaks during use. Finally, after using your floor cleaning equipment, you should post nearby signs notifying anyone who might pass through the area. If the floor is slick or wet, someone walking through the space could fall and sustain an injury.

Maintain Your Floor Scrubber

Industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers are complex machines that benefit from regular maintenance in between uses. Your equipment can have greater longevity with the appropriate care. If applicable, frequently inspect the engine air filter and oil and tire pressure. Some industrial equipment requires fuel, as well. You must also check safety features, including lights and sensors. For machines that the operator must ride, it’s essential that the brakes and controls function properly. Finally, ensure that the brushes, squeegees, and cleaning tools are in proper shape before use.

Floor cleaning machines at ASC are great for cleansing the floors of larger spaces such as warehouses, stores, and storage areas. Whether you need a floor sweeper to maintain an outdoor space or a floor scrubber to deep clean a hard-surface floor, you can benefit from the efficiency and power of an industrial floor cleaner. Sweeper offers quality equipment and products if you are interested in purchasing a floor cleaning machine, contact us today!