The Cleaning Efficiency and Ergonomics of Street Sweeper

Updated on Friday, August 21, 2020

ASC Dulevo 6000 sweeper

An industrial street sweeper is a fastest and most efficient way to clean a street and keep it clean. There are different-sized models to choose from, designed for specific purposes. If you need a road sweeper or even one that’s equipped to clean footpaths or industrial areas, you’ll want to learn more about the street sweeper machine; it’s efficiency and ergonomics.

The Different Types Of Industrial Street Sweeper

Whether you need a road sweeper to clean up the street, or something a little more compact to get those footpaths spic and span, you’ll need to be aware of the options available.

Naturally, all the street sweeper models are the ride-on variety. Cleaning most roads is simply too big a task for a walk-behind sweeper model. All road sweepers are highly manoeuvrable to negotiate tight bends, so the brushes can really clean out the gutters as the sweeper truck moves slowly forward.

It doesn’t matter what the weather is on any given day either, as these machines have been purpose-built to perform in all weather conditions, hot or cold, wet or dry. If the job needs to get done, modern-day street sweepers can perform in all conditions.

Sweepers designed for paths are usually the walk-behind model, although some of these can be converted into ride-on sweepers to more readily cover larger areas. Footpath sweeper models are ergonomically designed to negotiate narrower areas. They are easy to manoeuvre around obstacles along the path, are simple to operate and capture even the finest particles of grit and debris.

For even smaller outdoor cleaning tasks, a walk-behind litter vacuum will likely be the cleaning machine of choice. These machines offer a simple and effective way to clean up the front side of offices and shops, as well as pathways leading to the entrances to buildings.

Efficiency Is Paramount

No matter what the task for your street cleaning machine, efficiency is what it’s all about. The faster a sweeper can get the job done to a satisfactory standard, then better all round. Sweepers that are not efficient will mean you have to keep cleaning the same area over and over until it’s done right, and that’s why cleaning machine efficiency is such a top priority.

Time is money and the more time it takes to do a job, the higher the overheads.

Another area where industrial street sweepers are efficient is in their use of water. They can remove even the finest particles of debris without water wastage. The engines of these sweepers are also low-emission, so all-round modern street sweepers are very kind to the environment.

Street Sweepers Are Built To Last

Modern street sweepers are designed and constructed with the latest technology. We mentioned how ergonomic and efficient they are and that they’re kind to the environment, but they’ve also been built to last.

Street sweepers are very robust, low-maintenance and will serve you well for years with very little chance of breakdowns or the need for repairs. This means less downtime so they’re on the job for longer.

If you’re a contractor and are committed to cleaning the roads of a certain area on a daily or regular basis, you need cleaning equipment you can rely on. The latest street sweeper designs will give you peace of mind and the confidence to get the job done right, day after day.

Easy To Operate Designs

Ride-on and walk behind street sweepers have been designed to ensure the operation is a breeze. Workers need to focus on the task at hand, which is getting those roads and footpaths cleaned. Complex control mechanisms can be frustrating and distracting, so modern sweepers include innovations that make the operation so much easier.

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