The Importance Of Adjusting Sweeper Brushes Correctly

Adjusting Sweeper Brushes Updated on Thursday, May 26, 2022

Adjusting Sweeper BrushesA sweeper is much like a piano. For it to work correctly it must be adjusted according to its specifications. 97% of a sweeper’s function is around the brooms.

For a sweeper to work correctly the brush pressure must not be too light (otherwise it won’t sweep) or too hard.

Think of manually sweeping.

The broom sweeps best when the ideal amount of pressure is placed on the broom bristle. Not only is it easier to use but it functions correctly.

A powered sweeper’s main broom must be set up to work with a brush sweeping pattern of 3 to 4 fingers width or (5 to 11 cm) depending on the size of the machine.

Applying too much pressure will reduce the life of the brush dramatically and not enable the brush to function correctly.  This will be visually noticeable especially seeing the broom’s inability to sweep up fine dust.

This can be checked very simply by following the steps below:

  1. 1. Start the machine 
  2. 2. Pull up somewhere where it is safe.
  3. 3. Engage the hand brake.
  4. 4. Engage (turn on) the main broom in the ON position.
  5. 5. Leave the broom spinning for at least 29 seconds.
  6. 6. After 29 seconds lift the main broom off the ground & move the machine forward by 5 to 7 metres.
  7. 7. Turn your head to the rear of the machine and you will see a chatter mark on the ground where the broom has left a mark (Stain) on the floor.
  8. 8. This mark should be equally approximately 5 to 11 cm in width if you have a mid-size rider sweeper.
  9. 9. If the chatter mark is less than 10 cm in length then use the main broom adjusting knob (located next to the main broom lifter) and adjust the knob clockwise to allow the main broom to lower. (this increases the brush pressure).
  10. 10. Turn the knob three quarters clockwise.
  11. 11. Move forward once again and check the main broom chatter mark.
  12. 12. Repeat as necessary.
    Sweeper BrushesSweeper Brushes

Once you have achieved the correct chatter mark the broom is perfectly set.

This process will optimize your sweeping result and make sure your sweeper is working within its correct specifications.

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